Guardian 3 sensor tape bad rash help!

(Laurin) #1

I have been using an animal pump for a very long time and recently switched to medtronic 670g with guardian 3 cgm. I am HIGHLY allergic to the tape for the sensor. I need to help!! Any suggestions for sensitive skin barriers/protectant etc? I started with clean skin, no barrier and that formed a rash within 2 days I had to remove the sensor. The next I used skin tac barrier and after 1 day I had a rash. That was 5 days ago and the rash is still so itchy and the shape of the tape.
I called medtronic and they were surprisingly unhelpful and told me to ask my pharmacist.

The only thing I can think of is trying tegaderm instead of the tape.

Any suggestions will help.

(Laurin) #2

I meant to say ANIMAS NOT ANIMAL. LOL!!

(Kathy) #3

@Weloverumi Hi Laurie. I too am very sensitive to the medtonic tape. A couple of things to try. First have Medtronic send you a tape sample kit. Most of it is intended to stick things better but there is a good variety of different tapes to try. I’ve used iv3000 tape by Smith and nephew. Their infusion set tapes work well. I also use grifgrips. They handle showers and humidity well for me. Some people like simpatches. If you search on Medtronic and tape there are a few conversations that can give you other ideas. Check dexcom conversations too.

Good luck


@Weloverumi your tegaderm suggestion is what works best for me. I put a tegaderm down, insert through the tegaderm so the sensor tape sticks to the tegaderm. Irritation at the site now happens only very rarely for me.

(Laurin) #5

Hi. I didnt think I could put the sensor through the tegaderm…that is even better bc the tape bothers me there as well


Dexcom officially doesn’t recommend inserting through something like Tegaderm, but when I asked why, they said it simply hasn’t been officially tested, and they can’t recommend something they haven’t tested. They can’t test everything. It works very well for me, though. I’ve used it with both Dexcom and Minimed CGM.