H1N1 hit home : (

(glamorous) #1

Well my 6 year old t1 son started out with a cold on Sunday morning runny nose and sneezing,Bg levels were fine and had no keytones thank goodness as the day progressed he started feeling worst and didnt want to eat so i had a feeling he was coming down with something.I started to give him tylenol cold and flu so it can help him with the cold like symptoms,he went to bed at 10 pm tossed and  turned and whined in his sleep woke him up at midnight checked him for keytones  and to do a bg check everything was fine,He attempted to fall back to sleep but kept whining while sleeping I asked baby are you ok He said mami i dont feel well I feel weird He awoke again at 2 am crying my stomach hurts and my heart I again checked for keytones and did a bg check and they were fine all of a sudden he walks into the kitchen slouched down holding his heart and I could barely hear him say mami my Heart hurts I cant breath,I went into a panic (by the way now he has fever)I dialeld 911 they rushed him to the er and sure enough they did test and say he has the H1N1 this is the reason why my angel could not describe to me what he was feeling this aching pain all over that  he just described as I feel weird I dont know what I feel mami.My poor little angel.So they give him his first dose of medication wait a while he started to feel alittle better they sent him home with a prescription for the timaflu in liquid form.Now my first fear was him getting the swine my second was not being able to get the medication because of the shortage,My first fear is already in place Now here comes my second fear I go to our pharmacy to get the prescription filled they say they dont have it I go to another they dont have it they called 3 others they dont either @ this point getting really scared because everything that im hearing on the news is now becoming to my reality,So I called the er they say that their pharmacy doesnt have it either the Doctor tells me your experiencing what is only going to get worst with the swine flu medication shortage you need to open the yellow pages and call every pharmacy in their till you find one that has it.I couldnt beleive that I was going through this and my son needed his second dose at 5pm and it is now 2,so i begin dialing and thanks to Jesus christ I finally found a pharmacy 3 towns away the pharmacy states to me that they only have one bottle left I say to her Please I need that bottle she say ill put ur name on it how long will you take I say maybe a half hour I drive down and pick it up.Now in the back of my head im thinking oh my god if I had such a hard time finding this medicine whats gonna happen when flu season does hit are we even going to be able to find it.I pray for all of our little ones that they all stay in good health and if your child gets a cold and stomach ache along with anything else please dont wait get them to the er the sooner the better my son was at the begining of it so thats why the medecin work so quickly....

(jenn94) #2

Oh my goodness, how awful for you!  I am glad that you were able to get him treated so quickly.  I think this H1N1 is our worst fear right now.  How is your little guy doing now?  Is he doing better?  I certainly hope so!  Take care!