Hello from MN!

(Kate) #1

Just wanted to introduce myself…I’m Kate and I’ve had type-1 for 30 years (not even sure of the exact date…) I recently started on the 670 pump (have actually been using some sort of pump for 10 years) and am loving it-there are definite things to learn and habits need to be changed, but so far its working very well. I have a 5 yr old son and live in the beautiful state of MN.

I also am the creator of the Pretty-Betes Subscription Box for Diabetic Women and would love to share it with anyone interested!
I promise I won’t be spammy after this :slight_smile:

(GL) #2

Hi Kate! I’m on the 670G pump and in MN too! It’s taken me a few months to get used to the new pump but I’m really liking it now…so nice not to have lows all the time.

Welcome to the site!

(Kate) #3

Nice to meet you! I still am getting lows during the day…so am working on fine-tuning my I:C ratios and better carb counting…but I love the mostly straight line through most nights!