Help! Weight loss impossible?

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I have been a T1 for 24 years. I have always been active, counted carbs, avoided all the no-no’s, etc. Within the last year I have tacked on another 15 pounds and I just can’t understand why. I see a naturopath in addition to my endo. My blood work comes back fine, but my naturopath believes I have a low functioning thyroid. Anyone else dealing with this? It would explain the weight gain and inability to take it off despite all my efforts to eat right and work out. Again, my TSH and T4 all come back fine. I am asking for a slew of other thyroid tests bc I am now more educated about what tests they run. @Tikicristi, you might benefit from getting a more in depth thyroid panel and seeing if that is what is stopping you from losing weight too.
@Joe-I thought I saw a post earlier with you saying your thyroid isn’t working either! How do you manage your thyroid now? I am curious, you seem very well-versed!

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Hi all,
I am passing along some information that may be helpful. I have had T1D for over ten years and until very recently, I REALLY struggled with my weight. After diagnosis, treating frequent hypos, and three pregnancies, I gained close to 50 lbs and really could not get it off despite efforts. I tried low carb dieting and running programs and didn’t lose a pound.

THEN, last August, my friend referred me to a trainer who also has T1D. SHe works with a company called Beachbody and literally walked me through my weight loss. If you buy a beachbody program (~140$), she will work with you for free indefinitely. SHe does most of her consulting online, so she can literally work with anyone. It was seriously the best 140$ I ever spent. Working with Suzan, I have lost 30 lbs so far! I still have a ways to go, but I am finally making progress. SHe helps with diet and exercise plans and understands how to help avoid lows during exercise. here is the link to the specific diet/exercise program that I used :

let me know if you’d like more info! Suzan is seriously the BEST and she really gets diabetes :slight_smile:

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Hi, @Tikicristi !! Don’t worry, everything can possible if you put so effort.
I advise you try “low carb diet” methods to lose weight instead of take any diet pills. Besides that, you also need to cooperate some with the burn fat or burn calories workout in order to get better result.

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Hi! I’m new to this site. Diagnosed T1 one year ag at age 52. 5’6" 154 lbs but should be 140. I’m beginning Keto. Very frustrated. I exercise every day (interval training or yoga or hiking/biking, light weight lifting etc). I eat well/very little and very little alcohol. My dr ordered lab work for thyroid. I’d love to hire a personal trainer who has T1 but don’t know where to look. Thank you for all your suggestions. I ordered the Keto for Type 1 Diabetes book.

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Hi you said basal should be 50% of your total insulin intake for a 24 hr period. I just started a Keto diet and using no mealtime boluses. Should reduce my basal rate?

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A couple years ago I was overweight and had high blood pressure. I have type 1 also. I went on a plant based whole food diet. A lost about 25 lbs. I am 5’5" and am downto125. I also recently joined a FB group called Mastering Diabetes. There is both a public and private group. Their premise is a low fat whole food plant based diet, as it is known that high fat intake causes insulin resistance. The 2 gentlemen who run the group are both Type 1’s also. I eat around 100 carbs per meal, which includes a lot f fruit. I have so much more energy from eating more carbs, and it is so freeing to eat more carbs without guilt and it is delicious.

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hi @sbrad4226, they update that book often… the latest version sorry I didn’t see the question before today!

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Just a side note, cutting calories by too much (down to 1200 to 1300 etc) doesn’t work well for weight loss. You can’t sustain it and it may send your body into starvation mode where it tries to hold on to fat stores. More moderate calorie reduction works better in the long run. Also, several smaller sessions of food work better than the 3 main meals (hard to do with MDI but maybe easier with a pump?)