Help with cost of G6 sensors?

(Jamie) #1

Our 10 year old son was diagnosed in October 2018. Since then our insurance started over on January 1st and instead of paying 20% of the cost we are back to square one with a $3,250 deductible to meet. Dexcom quoted this morning that 1 box of sensors (3 per box, a one month supply) will cost $365. He is unaware of his highs and lows so we feel like a cgm is a necessity. Does anyone know if there are any programs to help offset the up front cost of the sensors? I checked Costco and I would only save about $50 per month and it wouldn’t apply to our deductible. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

(joe) #2

@Jammers33 hi Jamie, the short answer is I don’t think so.

you can look at this link from our own JDRF:

good luck