Hey looking for support and some friends

(Brook) #1

Hi my name is Brook I’m 13 years old and got diagnosed at age 11. It has been a crazy ride and I wish I could have type 1 diabetics like me and we can chat. I’m still in the money moon faze and on Medtronic 670 pump.

(joe) #2

@Brook hi Brook - welcome to TypeOneNation! I am writing because I saw you posted a couple of times and I want to say hi and I hear you. I was diagnosed at age 13.

hope you are doing okay!

(Dennis J. Dacey, pwD) #3

Hi @Brook, welcome to TypeOneNation - I see you joined us less that a day ago.
I got my diagnosis on my 16th birthday after insisting for months to everyone who asked “I feel fine, there is nothing wrong with me”. Hang around here for a few days and many people will come forward offering friendship There is a site where many teen members on here chat, I don’t remember the link but @bookwormnerd13 will see you here and invite you to join.
There are also several old-timers here with eons of living with diabetes who are willing to share what we have learned.

(Abby) #4

Hey Brook! I’m Abby, I’m 15 and was diagnosed age 7.
I’d love to be friends! If you have snapchat, you can add me at bookwormnerd13 and I can add you to our T1 group chat!! Otherwise please feel free to email me (abigaelparrish13@gmail.com) and we can be email pals! :two_hearts:
I look forward to getting to know you!