High Blood Sugar And Hungry

(Pachine) #1

Does anyone else get really hungry when their blood sugar is high?

(sneathbupp) #2

Of course. High blood sugar means it isn’t going into your cells. So yeah sometimes really hungry.

(Dennis J. Dacey, PWD) #3

Ivan still remember sixty years ago, before I was diagnosed eating non stop and loosing weight.

(pamcklein) #4

Yes! All the time! I don’t know why it’s not listed as a symptom!

(Patrick) #5

Polyphagia, or extreme hunger, is one of the major indicators/warning signs of diabetes, so it would make sense that you feel this way when high. Your body needs fuel, so you are hungry, but you can’t process it, so it’s an endless cycle. Just be careful of the ketoacidosis side effect, That can/will kill your kidneys!