Highest A1C ever=(

(Jana M) #1

I had a doctor appointment today and found out that my A1C is 8.9!!  That's the highest one I've ever had in 21 years of diabetes... I am really bummed.

I wrecked an ATV last summer and have been battling a shattered wrist and other injuries for almost a year now and am having an extremely hard time getting any exercise because I'm in so much pain....  I'm not sure how to handle this....  Of course I am fighting depression as a result of the injuries and the high sugars, just need to vent I guess.

(system) #2

my highest A1c is 7.9 in 2007

(Gina) #3

Jana so sorry to hear about your accident and your a1c. I know all too well of how an accident can affect you. In 2003 I was hit by a car crossing the street. I broke my pelvis in three places on the right side and on the left I broke my leg and ankle, and my knee went out of alignment which I had two surgeries on one in 2004 and one in 2005. My a1c from 2003-2008 was in the high 8's and my highest was 9.1 in the spring of 2008.

I was in and out of physical therapy for 4 yrs and not until last year before my wedding did i have enough nerve to go back to the gym. The way I got through it was to fight through it I did become very depressed but I got through it. Take each day as it comes. Try as hard as you can today and tomorrow even harder and when its tough just say I will do better tomorrow.

(Jana M) #4

Thank you Gina and I'm sorry to hear about your accident too.  I feel a bit better about it today, I will just have to buckle down and figure it out...

(Sugar Lady) #5

I dream of these A1c's- I get tested again this month- keeping my fingers crossed!

(Natalie D) #6

Don't worry about 8.9... At my diagnosis a year and a half ago it was 16.7!

(system) #7

That's a pretty good A1C in my books! haha. my last one was about 8.2, before that 7.9.

My A1C's used to be BRUTALLY high until I got switched from N to Lantus two years ago. I spent a good 13years with an A1C coming back no lower than 9.0 because we were consently changing my N doseage and neither the R or N were working for me. As soon as I switched to Lantus and Novorapid, my followed A1C dropped from 9.5 to 8.2!

I wouldn't worry about it too much, especially since you had the stress of the accident recently. Just remember how well you are doing and continue to do, and this is just a minor bump in the road because of your accident and nothing you did wrong!

(OmniUser) #8

my highest was 8 a month and a half ago. but just yesterdday I was at 6.9!!!! :))))))

(FFA_RodeoStar) #9

wow all your A1Cs are what my goal is last time it was 11.3 and i think the last time i was below 9 was probably 3 years ago i can't do anything right

(brnagrl.type1) #10

sorry to hear about your atv accident, but, personally, i wouldn't worry about your a1c being 8.9. i can't wait until i get down there. when i was diagnosed, my a1c was 13, but i'm gradually bringing it down. right now it's 11. so, don't stress about it. it'll come down.

(Emilykitten29) #11

I know totally horrible but my highest waas 14.9  :(

(lindagayle) #12

I was diagnosed 20 years ago this month...Happy anniversary (haha)

I was under 8 for the first time that I can even remember just 3 minths ago. I was 7.4 and then 3 months ago I was 7.6.

My doctor runs a test called a Glycomark - it measures your average blood sugars for just one month. It is helping us to make adjustments better because it is easier to track events for just one month at a time.

I totally understand your frustration. Sometimes I feel like no matter what I do, my numbers are just going to stay where they are and never move. Sometimes I will watch everything I eat and exercise and my A1C will be the same as if I hadn't even tried at all.

I guess what keeps me focused is the thought that I am doing everything I can and if it helps great, but if it doesn't at least I know that it won't be my fault. A great side effect from watchign what I eat and exercising is that other than my Diabetes and everything that goes with it, I am healthier than most people - low cholesterol, blood pressure, tricglycerides, etc. I good cry every now and then helps too!!!

Hang in there. Diabetes sucks. We don't have a choice about having the damn thing, but we do have a choice about how we handle it. It is better to fight for as much control as we can than to give up and feel sorry for ourselves. Good luck.



(Dylan404) #13

Hey Emily just stick to it and make some changes and I'm sure you can get it to a healthy level (assuming you haven't already). 

(Dylan404) #14

FFA don't be so hard on yourself.. Sure it is a bad thing to have your A1C high but it is tough to keep it low. There was a thread about lowest A1C a while back where people gave all there advice on bringing their A1C's down that had a lot of good information. Feel free to send me a message if you want to hear my advice.