Honeymoon stage

(Trisha Faye) #62

That is really great. November is Diabetes Awareness Month and it would be great to get that kind of participation for it. I think I'm going to paint one fingernail blue all month just so people will ask me why and I can spread the word. (Or something along those lines.)  :)

(LisaD) #63

She is 12 and in the 7th grade..she was diagnosed last November and I have been T1D for almost 20 years.

(smachado31) #64

that is seriously awesome.  your daughter is a rock star!

(LisaD) #65

thanks for all the postive comments!!! I will post a pic of her blue hair soon!

(TerriValentine) #66

i'm so doing this tomorrow! our jdrf walk is this saturday...and since it's november it's perfect timing to educate those who ask why i have blue hair! your daughter is an inspiration and others will be able to learn from her awesome idea! :)

(LisaD) #67

So cool! Lexie got hers last Thursday and so many people have asked her about the Blue Hair

(LisaD) #68

Here is a picture of Lexie's Blue Hair for Diabetes Awareness

(orange_mms) #69

I have blue clip in extensions for my hair too. LOL   I'll be wearing them proudly on WDD !

(DunnwithT1) #70

I had the honeymoon stage when I was diagnosed. People have probably already answered this better than I can but the way I understood it was this. In the honeymoon stage your body has not completely stopped producing insulin but it can no longer produce it at the rate your body needs. During this stage is where your doctor will try to figure out the best insulin/carb ratio for your insulin injections, they will probably change every month or two as your body produces less and less insulin. This lasted about a year for me.
I do not know why it’s called the honeymoon stage though. Maybe because you’re feeling much better after you start getting insulin or something

(Janet353) #71

My doctor said I’m in the honeymoon phase. I was diagnosed T1 1 yr 3 months ago at the age of 51. I use a pump and a CGM. if I eat no/low carbs I’m fine but eating normal carb meals (bread, tortilla etc) and my numbers are all over the place. I work with a Diabetes Educator who helps me make adjustments to my pump but now after over a year of frustration, I’m resigned to eating a ketogenic diet. It’s just easier. I’m exhausted trying to make carbs work in my diet.