How long type 1?

(PamK) #203

Hi Roger,

Welcome! You might want to post this in the group chat rather than just to me. There are quite a few of us out here who remember what it was like to live with T1 back in the “old days!”

Pam K.
T1D 54+ years and counting!

(Austin) #204

I was diagnosed almost three years ago. My brother’s diabetic alert dog kept alerting me that I was high. My mom made me check bs and I was over 200. We just kept checking and watching over next few months. We caught it so early that I didn’t even get sick! I am now on a pump and sensor. My brother is diabetic also. He has had it 13 years

(joe) #205

@stickhorse, hi and welcome to Type One Nation - I hope you don’t 'mind me saying so but this story is a first for me and my 40 years experience, diagnosed by a dog… incredible! Hope you and your brother are both doing ok.

(Rowan) #206

6+ years. a little less than half my life

(Kenny) #207

29 years on pump for 24 years minimed 670 now works great hope for many more years

(Roger) #208

When I was reading the texts I realized that there are of us in the “old” years category than I expected. So, I will not only be reading and replying, but also initiating comments.
Thanks for the encouragement.

(Kalli) #209

I will have had T1D for 14 years in March. I was diagnosed at age two. I had a blood sugar of 950 and was one koolaid from being in a diabetic coma. I also had a double ear infection that turned into MRSA. The infection was super scary and could have killed me. I’m a teenager now and am on the CGM and Medtronic pump. I’m at my healthiest point of my life right now!

(Leigh) #210

My son is 11 and has had type 1 for 8 years, diagnosed 8/18/10. He wears a omnipod with humalog and a G6 Dexcom. He has loved not having finger sticks! He plays football, basketball, and baseball.

(Rebecca) #211

In 2 days, it will be 19 years I have had type 1 diabetes. it’s so crazy how long I’ve lived with this. I was diagnosed at age 4, not knowing what the rest of my life would be like, but now, at the age of 23, it doesn’t phase me anymore. I almost think of diabetes as an annoying little brother lol (I actually have a younger brother). I don’t really remember my years before my diagnosis. Diabetes has been with me practically my whole life, I don’t know any different. Sometimes it sucks, but at least it’s something I have control over.

(Jack) #212

Merry Christmas everyone! My wife just clued me into TypeOneNation, and this is the first community I’ve entered. So far so great!!
About me: I was 18 months old in 1950 when I started on insulin therapy. I’ve been very lucky – bolstered by faith, hope, at least some discipline, and incredibly creative medical science. First started using a Medtronic pump in the early 90s, and just two weeks ago started with the Tandem X2 pump and Dexcom G6. Still getting used to the new system’s technology – and demands – but like it a lot. A1c’s have been mid 6s to low 7s for the past 25 years, so feel pretty good about that. I find that being physically active is The Greatest positive element in my self health care. As for complications, again, very lucky. “background retinopathy” has been there for 50 years – and stable. Two successful cataract surgeries in 2011. Had Dupuytren’s in my right little finger for 50 years; once had it “fixed” but it returned within a month. This is not an issue in my life. Also had frozen shoulder 20 years ago. A year of physical therapy was EXCRUCIATING, and then it was fixed with acupuncture – along with some modified yoga.
I have always lived in academic communities with outstanding health science centers, so I’ve been able to participate in some very interesting diabetes-related medical research studies. I can recommend the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston (I got my 50 year medal about 15 years ago) as a source on state-of-the-art research / discoveries. Here’s their general website:
I turned 70 this past Sept and I’m still working. I love what I do and they pay me for it!
I am very pleased to have been led to this group, and I look forward to more communication. I will also check out attending some of the meetings and summits.
Best wishes to All, Jack

I am

(Dennis J. Dacey, pwD) #213

Way to go Jack @jsamuelr, live a full active life and don’t let anything hold you back.
I too have me Joslin 50-year bronze medal and have set my goal to have the silver 75 year medal hung around my neck on my 91st birthday.
I too benefitted from association with Joslin scientists when I lived in the Boston area and I participated in many studies and experimental treatments. Joslin is a wonderful blessing.

(Paul) #214

I was diagnosed in October of 1965.

(Victoria) #215

Hi I’ve been T1D for 11 years. I’m 20 years old. I was in the hospital for a week in November for dkg. I had eye surgery earlier in 2018. I’m new here.

(Dennis J. Dacey, pwD) #216

Hi Victoria @SkyV, nice to see you here and a Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation! As you may have seen, we are a community of people like you, living our lives actively while managing our TypeOne diabetes. We are her to listen, offer support and suggestions based on our own experiences of what has worked for us and what hasn’t; feel free to step in and “speak” whenever - you may vent too if you wish.

I hope your eye is improving after surgery; I’m having eye surgery next week - my first eye surgery was with a Ruby LASER in 1967.

(Virginia) #217

I was diagnosed when I was 45, 25 years ago. Turning 70 this year and no complications yet. I have been wearing a pump for almost 16 years and just got a Freetyle Libre so no more pricking my finger 5 or 6 times a day. Am waiting to see if Medicare will pay for it – but so far I’m just loving it. Testing your blood by waving a monitor past your arm is technology at its best!

(Charlotte) #218

Hi I am 30 years this year. I am in New Xealand and on 3 x apidra and 1 x lantus. I have just started using libre freestyle sensors.
No complications other than I seem to be unable to maintain a pregnancy

(Hadafakaya) #219

51 years dxd spring 1968 age 14. I just retired and happy to say no complications, Started pumping 2001 and went back to MDI a few years ago Mix of Humulin R and N. Started off with the animal insulins R and NPH U-80

(Michelle) #221

I was diagnosed Dec 26, 2018 - Type 1 was confirmed Jan 15, 2019 so I am very new to this. Hoping to learn as much as I can…

(Rebecca) #222

In December of this year I will have lived with T1D for 20 years. I was diagnosed when I was 4.

(PamK) #223

Hi Michelle,
Welcome! Glad you found us! As you can see, many of us have had diabetes a long time. We are here to help, if you have any questions or need some guidance, or just to vent!
Pam K
T1D 54 1/2 yrs and counting!