How long type 1?

(Charlotte) #224

Wow those of you with T1 for so long. I hit 29 years this year, diagnosed when I was 11.
There is no one in my family with diabetes or my circle of friends or work mates.

(heather) #225

Been a diabetic since age 9 so about 17 years I’m from MA USA

(BETH) #226

I have been Type 1 since October 13, 1960! I have eye problems, but I was 25 when home testing was made available. Diabetic care has come a long way since I was 6 years old. I am in very good shape and will be 65 in May. I thank God and my mother the nurse - I have beat the odds for people my age. :smiley:

(Georgia) #227

November what? Mine is the 3rd!! I’ll be 50 this year (42 yrs of t1d!!)