How long type 1?

Wow those of you with T1 for so long. I hit 29 years this year, diagnosed when I was 11.
There is no one in my family with diabetes or my circle of friends or work mates.

Been a diabetic since age 9 so about 17 years I’m from MA USA

I have been Type 1 since October 13, 1960! I have eye problems, but I was 25 when home testing was made available. Diabetic care has come a long way since I was 6 years old. I am in very good shape and will be 65 in May. I thank God and my mother the nurse - I have beat the odds for people my age. :smiley:

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November what? Mine is the 3rd!! I’ll be 50 this year (42 yrs of t1d!!)

I have been T1 30 years. I was diagnosed at age 11. I have no complications and Am in pretty good health otherwise. I am a health food junkie and recently took up cross fit 5-6x/ week. I like to run, hike, go to gym, etc. I believe my lifestyle has helped keep complications at bay.

I’m currently at 28 years with T1D.

Diagnosed January 18,2019 six days before my 16th b-day. 4 months diagnosed

i am 35 was diagnosed at the age of 13 around halloween, went for a physical to wrestle for the 8th grade school year and had a crazy amount of sugar in my urine… was sent straight to the hospital for 3 days to learn to treat myself and what to eat and all in the ins and outs… i am the lone warrior with no close family with t1… i have been in dka twice in my life both were during the summer months and were because i was dehydrated and young and dumb lol… haven’t had any compilations from t1, but starting to show signs of carpel tunnel in the wrist and one trigger finger that a cortazone shot fixed up… i didnt take care of my self for a very long time, didnt check my sugars and didnt care what i ate, i consider myself very lucky that i didnt harm myself at this point in time, i know it may cause issues later and cant change the fact. but i broke my leg really bad back in nov of 17 and had to have three surgeries to fix it, the doctor told me if i didnt start taking care of myself i could lose my leg or even worse, it was my wake up call and i have tried my best take this roller coaster ride by the horns and conquer it .i went from a 13.5 a1c when i broke my leg to a 8.5 a1c before i met with a endo… i think went from taking walmart n and r to humalog and toujeo and getting a freestyle libre… this got my a1c down to 6.8… then i researched pumps and decided to go with a omnipod with my active lifestyle and love it, i also upgraded to a g6 cgm… my last current a1c was a 5.8 in april… now i am looping and had nothing but excellent results and hoping to get my a1c even lower without having any scare or lows… i have been looping for 3 pods now and my in target time has been 99-100% everyday with a average sugar of 106 according to the dexcom… there is hope coming soon when the tidepool group gets all the fda approval for closed loop, i can tell you loop is the real deal and as close as you can get to a normal person/feeling, and you can teach a old dog new tricks i am living proof

I’ll be 31 in 3 weeks and have had type 1 since I was 16, so a little over 14 years. No complications, except for thyroid medication and a cataract (doctor has been watching for a few years and it isn’t causing any issues), both may or may not be a result of diabetes. I welcomed a completely healthy baby boy last November without any complications or time in NICU. There were some times in my teens/ early 20s that I would try to ignore diabetes around friends and wanting to feel “like everybody else”, but overall I’ve been able to keep my blood sugar 7ish or under and kept it around 5.5 during my pregnancy, which was a struggle, and so worth it! I also went to college, got my graduate degree and have worked full time since 2010. I had a few seizures before getting on a CGM, but luckily since Dexcom I’ve avoided any scary lows. If anybody is looking for someone to talk to considering Dexcom or pregnancy, please reach out! I don’t really know anybody IRL with diabetes, but hearing the stories here are really inspiring and helpful! I had a great grandfather that had type 1 and lived well into his 90s!

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Diagnosed 43 years ago (in 1976) at the age of 8. I’ve had lots of laser for retinopathy over the last 25 years, but my vision has been saved. I’ve had frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, and minor trigger finger, but never considered those as diabetic complications. I recently came off the pump after 23 years of continuous use. I am using the Freestyle Libre CGM and take Tresiba and Novolog shots using the pens. I am eating keto and my blood sugar has never been better! I love not being “tethered” to the pump! Wish I’d come off it years ago!

Hi Chad, I’m curious to know what you eat if you cut out grains and sugars. I tried protein and carbs only for three days lost a few pounds and my blood glucose was excellent but my doctor told me that high protein and no carbs will cause kidney problems.