How long type 1?

(Kathyf1323) #41

I'm 26 and I've had diabetes for 22 years. I'm on an insulin pump for about 7 years now  :o)

(Anonymous) #42

20 years and 3 months. When I was 16 I had to have laser surgery on both of my eyes due to diabetic retinopathy. Other than that no complications. I started using an insulin pump about 15 years ago.

(Ruby Zuniga) #43

I've had type 1 for 34 years.  I was originally on Beef/Pork insulin and NPH insulin shots for several years then in 200.  I am know on the insulin pump with Humulog.   Thankfully, no complications. 

(Ruby Zuniga) #44

WOW.  I am so happy for you.  Its nice to hear from people with diabetes who are doing well and no complications. 

(Reddogz) #45

I hit 25 years this past May and no one noticed.  Complication free somehow.

(Keisha_1024) #46

I have been a Type 1 for 19 years since the age of 9. I have been a minimed insulin pump since April 07. I started out using Apidra now I use Novolog. I used to take about 80 units a day but since I had gastric bypass I now take between 28 and 35 units.

(Lavonda) #47

Just diagnosed with type 1 a few weeks ago, 6 months ago diagnosed with type 2 incorrectly. I am on so far 2 humalog shots per day. I know this will increase but hoping to get the pump soon along with cgm. I am 46 years old, isn't that odd to be diagnosed at this age?

(alex_of_oz) #48


No, 46 is not such a strange age, although that could be why you were misdiagnosed at first. When I was diagnosed at the age of 17, the doctors told me that type 1 was diagnosed in children, usually before the age of about 14 and adults, usually after the age of about 50. So you were a few years early and I was a few years late.

Alex of Oz

(jlconrod) #49

Diagoned Type I with acute onset and severe ketoacidosis in 1971, have had Diabetes for 39 years using ICT with Novolog and Levemir currently.  My Type I is "brittle", e.g., erratic control regardless of diet, insulin dosage or other considerations.  I maintain moderate control (Mid 7 A1c values) by  frequent bg tests with supplemental bolus injections as needed.

Mild complications include incipient catataracts (not requiring treatment at present).  Other possibly related autoimmune responses are psoriasis and seborrhea.  Other conditions are sleep apnea (non-obstructive) with CPAP, elevated cholesterol treated with Lipitor, glaucoma and episodic hypertension treated with Diovan HCT.

I am considering an insulin pump and CGM, which I am discussing with my Diabetologist/Endocrinologist/CDE who is also my primary care physician.

After over four years of out-of-pocket expense for medical and diabetes coverage because multiple employers went out of business leaving me without medical insurance and pre-existing condition exclusions.  Finally eligible for Medicare this year, and currently working through the maze of Medicare Parts B, D and Supplemental Coverage for healthcare and prescriptions.

Actively support President Obama's Health Care Reform -- with a Public Option.  Member of AARP, and as of today, JDRF.

BTW, I do not save I am a Diabetic; I say I have Diabetes, because the Diabetes does not control me, I control the Diabetes.



(Jana M) #50

I have had type 1 diabetes for almost 22 years, diagnosed when I was 7.  Also "brittle", have never really had good control.  I have many complications at present including Hashimoto thyroiditis, autonomic & periphreal neuropathy, not sure if they're related but I also have recently been diagnosed with lactose & gluten intolerance and fibromyalgia; I think that's everything.  I had an ATV accident last year where I was  thrown off, since then things have been even worse than usual.  Despite the long list I am optimistic, I just started my gluten free diet and got back to walking every day:)

(TextingMyPancreas) #51

23 years for me...  I have been on a pump for the last 4 years, and will start a CGM at the end of the year (I hope!).  I have had no major complications, which is surprising to me, as there were a few years in college that I really, really didn't take the best care of myself.  I forgot to take insulin, hardly tested...  I think my A1C got up to almost a 12 at that point!  But, things have turned around, and my last A1C was an 8.2 - it was 7.8 before that.  I do have a small amount of retinopathy in both eyes - just was told that last month.  I've been much more diligent about taking care of myself over the last several years, and am to the point now where I'm training for a half-marathon.  This is a pretty big deal for me, as I've never been a runner - but I want to prove to myself that I can do it, even with the challenges T1 has for me.

(Cheryl5026) #52

46 years. Had some eye trouble, but it was mostly from being in a car wreck (got hit by a cement truck) Eyes are fine now. Have tacycardia but it is an inherited thing as my sisters all have a fast heartbeat and they are not diabetic. All my problems have come from sports injuries.

(Maikuru) #53

21 years so far, started my 22nd year august 13. Very brittle becuase of auto- immune complications,  hypothyriodism and moderate nueropathy, but still alive. Runs in the family but seems to have a pattern of skipping every other generation. Working on college so i can prepare for when my diabetes wont allow me to do heavy manual labor one day. Hoping to get a career in IT/Web Design so i can get some work that will allow me to have a consistent schedule and life. Maybe then i can get some rest and let my body relax.

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(ScottT) #55

37 years with T1

Presently use pump and CGM with good results.  In looking back, I don't know how I made it this long ... esp in teens, twenty's and thirty's!  I traveled a lot with no testing or minimal available - I could have been dead (at worst) on the backstreet's of any country -- remember the Clinitest?  And the testers you had to BLOT dry?  We've come a long way!!  Thankfully, I have been able to "feel" lows and highs and can still better guess my meter results.

No major issues that I can relate directly to T1 except maybe frozen shoulders (help anyone, please ..)

Waiting and working on my 50 year with diabetes award from the  Joslin Clinic!!


(AdamF) #56

Type 1 for 42 years and no complications…yaahh!! take about 5-6 shots a day. last A1C was 5.5

(tonygli06) #57

7 years so far, found out wile I was active duty military I am dealing with the VA now and I Finally got approved for a pump. Got it in the mail today, 530g with cgm I get it set up for me on thursday 4/2/15 last A1C was 8.9 with just using the pens.I hope to kick it in the ass and get my A1C down to under 6 soon

(nataliehenson) #58

14 years this year. I was diagnosed at 23. I take 2 lantus and 3 humalog injections a day. I also wear a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor. I have been complication free so far. :slight_smile:

(dolphinn33) #59

22 years for me, as of February. I was diagnosed when I was 20. On MDI right now, with Dexcom CGM. Hoping to start on Omnipod soon.

(Jimbo4096) #60

I have had type 1 diabetes since age 4 , 51 years now , I take Novolog on a sliding scale based on my tests
& I take about 48 units of Lantus at bedtime . I’m doing well overall, but I do have trouble with depression,
& feel, sad & lonely . I do get help with that , but long time diabetes is very hard to deal with , in that regard .