How long type 1?

(caspersfriend) #61

30 years - I’ve had both my eyes lasered once, but feeling lucky to be as well as I am considering the “not managing” years. Humalog, Lantus, cgms

(daseelette) #62

I was dx’ed March 17, 1968. 47 years and still hanging in there. Complications are starting to creep in. I use Lantus and Novolog. I still am old school and use the syringe and vial!

(mrcpollock) #63

I’ve had TD1 for 41 years and have been very fortunate as far as complications go. I have been using the Animus pump for about 10 years and this device has made life a lot easier for me because I am a very brittle diabetic. My A1c(s) run between 6 to 6.5. I will be 66 in June and am lucky enough to still be working full time in the health care field. I try to exercise every day and have been doing a lot of weight training over the last 6 years (thanks to my wife for giving me a P90X tape for my birthday). Pumping iron is not for everyone but it sure works for me in keeping by blood glucose under control.

(Jdole) #64

48 years this summer. I have tried to determine precise dates, with no luck. But, I do know I was 2.5 years old. Been pumping for 15 years, and it has helped. Would never want to go back to MID therapy, or even the days of 1, maybe 2 per day. Especially with the old glass syringes.

Health issues are not always related to TI D in my eyes, but do contribute. I have encountered plenty of laser surgery along the way, that has saved my vision. Cataract lenses in both eyes, with the secondary corrective lasers later.

CGM’s are great ounce in a while, but I do not utilize that feature every day. If I start becoming complacent, kind of like right now, I will stick one on, and it proves to motivate me enough to keep the sugars in an acceptable range.

Life throws allot at all of us, diabetes is simply one more thing that we must deal with every day, with no breaks, or vacations. Ounce one accepts that, the better we are in the head. Not being 20-40 years old any more contributes to the daily fun. My wife, a pancreatic cancer survivor is my rock.

I kept saying to myself as a young teen, and up to this very day. “I will live life to it’s fullest” and I surely did. Never allowing myself to think that Diabetes prevented me from doing anything that I wanted to do.

For me, its about “One Day at a time”

(dianem124) #65

48 years in October. I am 57. I have dealt with trigger thumb and a froze shoulder, but no other major complications. I am very fortunate! I have 3 grown children with no diabetes for them so far!

(srividyat1d) #66

i have been T1D since 5 months i am 24 …please suggest me how to handle t1d

(lebricksta) #67

Diagnosed in 2005, so about 10 years.

Slight retinopathy in both eyes that has improved in the last few months from better attempts at controlling this thing.

Thankfully my kidneys and things are still going strong, so that’s a blessing.

(miggytennis) #68

I’ve been T1D for about 13 years now. I’ve been DKA many times, have had many complications, and have had depression. I’ve had more problems being a T1D than most ppl. However, I think that this time around, it’ll be much easier because I’ve found people who are the same as I am.

(AdamF) #69

Type 1 for 42 years and slight neuropathy in my feet. There is a new medication made by Res-Q called “Neuro Health”. Check it out. Depression in diabetics has been linked to the use of artifical sugars, get them out of your diet.

(rach2012) #70

Hi Everyone-
Does anyone feel that the Verios One Touch are the best test strips? I had a VERY bad experience with the Bayer test strips. I love the Verios, but they are VERY expensive. Anyone feel another brand is just as reliable and less expensive?

(AdamF) #71

Walmart sells “Reli-on” test strips - 50 strips for $9.00.

(maviskm) #72

6 years in September. I’m one of those older people getting T1D. On Novolog and Levemir. Trying to get my blood sugar under control, but not succeeding.

(AdamF) #73

Hi maviskm, I know how you feel! Type 1 for 42 yrs. It took me years to finally get mine under control. Don’t give up and keep trying. Either you are not taking enough insulin, your diet needs improving or you need to get outside and get active. I found that walking after a meal helps greatly - it not only burns calories but it picks up blood circulation which helps get the insulin absorbed into the blood stream quicker.

(maviskm) #74

Hi AdamF, I know my diet needs improving. After 50 something years of eating whatever I want, whenever I want and however much I want, it’s hard to eat healthier. I’m trying not to eat all the bad foods I used to eat before, but I find myself thinking about it constantly. Some times I do really well, other times I fall back into the bad habits.
Thanks for the suggestion, will try walking after my meals. Maybe it’ll make me feel better and motivate me to eat healthier and get more exercise.

(Richprettyoldtype1) #75

I am 76 y/o with type one for 61 years since age 15. no retinopathy, but coronary artery disease caused (successful) bypass surgery last August 2014. Most of us get gastroparesis, which makes blood sugar control very difficult, but lately on Dr. Richard Bernstein’s low carb diet (30 gm per day!) my aic is better than ever (5.8) I live near San Francisco, and enjoy studying Spanish language, and play badminton 8 hrs a week.
hope this helps.

(Nancy) #76

I was diagnosed in 1966 at 10 mos old. I just passed my 49th anniversary! 6 trigger finger releases, bi-lateral carpal tunnel releases, frozen shoulders, laser to arrest peripheral retinopathy (only manifested in my left eye!) 20 years ago, hypoglycemia insensitivity. Minimed pump for 15 years, Dexcom G4 CGMS for 2.

Richprettyoldtype1, I’m going to look into Dr. Bernstein’s diet on your recommendation! My A1c has creeped up over the last 2 years because I’ve eliminated the frequent sever hypos. I’m not proud to say I am still functional with my glucose in the 30s :frowning:

(garnett_21) #77

Diagnosed in March 1990, so going on 25.5 years as of today. Complication wise, I’ve been told I’ve been doing pretty good, although that was prior to this year when I had my gallbladder removed, and have had alot of post surgery complications, and was prescribed vision correction for the first time in my life, along with some bleeding on both retinas. But, I’m alive, happy, and still fighting!

(RichardV) #78

Diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. In Sept, 2015, it will be 70 years for me. I have no diabetes related complications except for some mild nerve damage. I will receive the 75 year Joslin medal in the year 2000.

(dalbertazzig) #79

Hello. I am a type I for 19 years already and no complications. I hope to stay away from them =)

(ohjoseph) #80

Been type 1 for about 8 years. Hospitalized twice, first due to abscess and second because of kidney infection both due to high blood sugar. Slight numbing in my feet and eyesight is getting worse little by little but hoping for a cure or advancements in treatments soon.