How long type 1?

(pamcklein) #163

Hi Jan. Yes, I remember the glass syringes and metal points that had to be boiled each morning (for my one shot a day back then!) and Clinitest tabs - - I even remember when they went from 5 drops of urine to 2 drops mixed with the 10 drops of water! I am also complication free after over 50 years with T1D. Two kids, one girl and one boy. When my daughter was born I had been diabetic for 27 yrs and the doctors/nurses at the hospital were amazed my baby was full-term and “normal” in size (7 lb, 2 oz). My son was a bit larger and although my husband had a high birth weight the doctor was worried about his size and delivered him at 38 weeks. He was a perfectly healthy baby though, delivered with no complications for him or for me. So, all was good. Anyway, enough rambling for one night. Welcome to the site. There are a lot of great people out here!
Pam K.

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Congratulations on 2 healthy babies @pamcklein PamK! I wish you, and your friend who beat my diagnosis age, wonderful health!

(Emma) #165

Diagnosed fourteen years ago when I was two.
Been on Medtronic Pump since I was five.
Best A1C=6.9
Worst situation: When I was 12 (sixth grade), I had a diabetes related seizure which led to me getting hospitalized. It was traumatic, although I don’t remember a lot of it. I took two days off school and returned by being greeted by a series of “Get Well” cards. I think that was the first time that donned on me how terrifying being diabetic is when my BG was 104–normal–and yet I still had a “low BG” seizure.