How long type 1?

(PamK) #163

Hi Jan. Yes, I remember the glass syringes and metal points that had to be boiled each morning (for my one shot a day back then!) and Clinitest tabs - - I even remember when they went from 5 drops of urine to 2 drops mixed with the 10 drops of water! I am also complication free after over 50 years with T1D. Two kids, one girl and one boy. When my daughter was born I had been diabetic for 27 yrs and the doctors/nurses at the hospital were amazed my baby was full-term and “normal” in size (7 lb, 2 oz). My son was a bit larger and although my husband had a high birth weight the doctor was worried about his size and delivered him at 38 weeks. He was a perfectly healthy baby though, delivered with no complications for him or for me. So, all was good. Anyway, enough rambling for one night. Welcome to the site. There are a lot of great people out here!
Pam K.

(Nancy) #164

Congratulations on 2 healthy babies @pamcklein PamK! I wish you, and your friend who beat my diagnosis age, wonderful health!

(Emma) #165

Diagnosed fourteen years ago when I was two.
Been on Medtronic Pump since I was five.
Best A1C=6.9
Worst situation: When I was 12 (sixth grade), I had a diabetes related seizure which led to me getting hospitalized. It was traumatic, although I don’t remember a lot of it. I took two days off school and returned by being greeted by a series of “Get Well” cards. I think that was the first time that donned on me how terrifying being diabetic is when my BG was 104–normal–and yet I still had a “low BG” seizure.

(VVIAN) #166

Like you I was diagnosed with T2 July 2016, was put on Metformin originally, when i complained to my PCP that my blood sugar was still high, I was given Jaridiance along with the Metformin, it appeared to have worked for a while with diet and exercise. After a trip to Jamaica caught a terrible cold and the meds no longer controlled my blood sugar. I was then put on a 3rd medication Glipizide and still high blood sugar and aggressive weight lost. When I was origianlly diagnosed i weighted 168 lbs and kept losing weight with little effort. I tried every medication that my doctor prescribe, with each increase in dosage to no avail. I decided to visit an Endoc January 2018 and shared my concerns with her; she immediately ordered lab work. To make a long story short, my labs showed that I have a very strong GAD-65 antibody which is consisted with T1D and my Comprehensive Metabolic Panel showed that my Fructosamine indicated BS of approx. 260 and A1C of 10.5. Do I need to say that I was devastated, not to mention the weight loss, I went from 168 to 119 lbs. I am on Basaglar Insulin (once a day) and Humalog Insulin (3 times a day). I feel like a new woman, gained 10 lbs (which I love and will maintain). No complication due to high blood sugar, just taking one day at a time.

(PamK) #167

Hi “fatt-dad.” I just read your post. I was diagnosed at age 2 1/2 yrs. My mother was diagnosed LADA @10 yrs ago. It’s funny, but I feel closer to her now more than ever. After her diagnosis she would call me with questions like, “How can it be that I eat the same thing two days in a row and one day my sugar is high and the next day it’s low?” I laughed and pointed out the number of times when my urine sugars were high as a kid and she’d ask me why and I’d answer “I don’t know.” She’d usually insist I must have eaten something I shouldn’t have. I now could explain that I really hadn’t! Like I said, it’s brought us much closer. I hope it’s done the same for you and your daughter!

(carl benwon) #168

Hi Pam,

Thanks for those words! I am close to our daughter! Very thankful that’s the way it’s been all along. It is interesting; however, how she helps me in my diabetes. I’ll ask her how she’d handle blousing when at some usual restaurant. You know, some restaurants are quick on the bread and drinks, medium on the appetizers and slow on the entrees. That can be a 2 hour period of taking carbs! I mean even when you know it could be a 100g night out, you just can’t give 10 or 12 units all in one go. (I use pens and pricks, she uses a pump and CGM.) That’s the first time I ever thought of giving 6u at the onset and 4u when the entrée actually gets there! It worked too!

Lots of stuff like that. Also the commiseration over wonky numbers that don’t make sense! Just like you said!

It is an interesting journey. Thankful we are both good with numbers, have analytical minds and recognize methods are our friends!

To you and your mother - continued successes!


(Chris - Pumper - T1D - 670G User ) #169

Been Type 1 since September 20th 2016 got it in college from all the stress. First and only T1 in the family almost all of the men in my family are T2 though.

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #170

Actually Christopher @Christopher.Vance, you most probably had diabetes for many, many years and the stress of college was “your trigger”.
I too was the first in my family diagnosed with diabetes; I was one of eight kids and none of the others, nor my many first, second or third degree cousins had/have diabetes. It wasn’t until many years after my diagnosis in the 1950’s that different diabetes names [“A”, “B”, “T1”] were attached characterizing the trigger.

(Spring) #171

I was diagnosed with T1D when I was seven years old and reaching my 41st year with T1D. It has been a roller coaster ride for me since I got off the “Honeymoon” stage. I have dealt with seizures, several eye laser surgeries, detached retina, traumatic head injury, pregnancy, lows/highs, glaucoma, neuropathy and I have depression/anxiety and sometimes want to yell at the top of lungs. I am tired and burnt out. If anyone out there feels the same, please let me know, it would be nice to hear from someone who has experienced similar issues.

(Carmen) #172

Fifteen and been diabetic since April this year!

(jdjim) #173

I’ve been T-1 for 53 years and did injections for 48 years before finally getting a pump.

(Olivia) #174

I’ve had T1D for 21 years with no complications so far! I don’t remember a single day of my life without T1D, but I can imagine life without it is sublime. This fall, I will be studying autoimmune disease as a new graduate student, and I hope to not only improve T1D treatment options in the future, but also to put an end to T1D altogether. Keep hoping for a cure; hope is on the horizon!

(Susan) #175

Hi. I’m new to the forum, but have had T1D for 45 years with no major complications!

(msab) #176

60 years type 1 this October its all been a blessing cause I am still here to see it †

(Tabatha) #177

I was diagnosed later on at age 35 and now I am 37. I had been ill for a while but didn’t know what was going on.

(Stephanie) #178

Hey there! Stephanie here, I’ve had T1D for 8 year this October.
No complications yet.
Oddly enough, I have spots in my vision, but perfectly healthy eyes. They aren’t diabetes related! Go figure.

(Kelly) #179

I have had T1D for just over 4 years, diagnosed at 25. My mom has lived with it for almost 19 years.

(msab) #180

60 years type 1 whopee!

(Amanda ) #181

7 years and almost 1 month

(Mike) #182

42 years for me no complications, went on the Medtronic pump in 1993.