How many times per week do you exercise?

(tHaTxKiiDxAnt) #41

this is why i exersize , bcuz i was sick of my blood being high all the time but now , its mostly low all the time cant stand it , but i found a way 2 stop it , i eat a apple or a bannana b4 i go walking or i'll drink some oranage juice b4 i got and all the time 4 like the past month my levels has been 100-120 i will have a low here n there but not that bad only like 70 or so. and i exersize every day i walk 2 miles n do at least 100 sit ups a day x]

(Sarah_0776) #42

My sister and I just started running three times a week. We're doing the couch-to-5k running plan, and so far it's gone well. Other things come up, though. Like just last night at my youth group we ended up playing a pretty intense game of sand volleyball. Or sometimes I end up going for a long walk to some place. So it varies. But I at least run three times a week.



(hcole) #43

I exercise everyday for at least an hour.  I honestly can't sleep if I don't!  I am so restless at night so I need to wear myself out.  Last night I ran 10km then biked 5km down to the tennis courts, played tennis for an hour and biked back.  Good sleep:)

(Gina) #44

My job alone is plenty of exercise in itself. Carpentry/Construction. But maybe thats just my excuse to not life weights or jog when i get home. :)~   i try to lift weights  a couple times a week when im not beyond exhausted.

(R_S1392) #45

I exercise everyday for at least half an hour. When I have time, it goes up to an hour. I do aerobic exercises mostly and on some day I do walking.

(Kateski) #46

I wish we lived closer so we could go running.  I try to run with my husband but he is 6ft tall with legs twice as long as mine!

(MaxG) #47

I wake up very early Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (weather permitting) and ride 35 miles on the bike before work. Tuesday night and Thursday night I do some lifting and Saturday I do a longer ride.

I try not to be too obsessive about it but it definitely helps me sleep, allows me to take less insulin, and seems to make it easier to control my blood sugars in general.

(zoeynewman) #48

now 10 day went to the doctor yesterday but she was useless.

Said it could be all the new changes but shes not sure.

(jennagrant) #49


Diabetes is a major medical condition that stresses your body.  After you're diagnosed and blood sugars begin improving, your body can still be out of sorts for a few months.  This can affect your periods.

Some home pregnancy tests can't detect a pregnancy until it's further along.  So it's possible you may be pregnant.  Did your doctor do a test?

Don't stress.  Just keep working on learning about your diabetes and getting your blood sugars into good shape.  If you still haven't had your period in a couple weeks then make another doctor appointment and get a pregnancy test.  

(system) #50

I agree..the changes going on can cause it. Anytime your body goes into stress, you could miss your period. Lots of things other than pregnancy can cause it.

Like I said before, I would wait a bit longer to take another test like Jenn suggested. Stressing about whether you are pregnant or not, can actually cause you to skip a month. haha. I've been there before.

(zoeynewman) #51

My doctor didn't do anything she was useless she was like because ive done two cheapo ones that im properly not, and on another site I asked the same thing and they all think im not, but like you said it could be to early as many women with out diabetes cant detect really early on.

I no stress can cause it but ive had more stressful times and this has never happened all though like you both said it could be all the changes im going through.

Just want some answers :L

(system) #52

I don't believe for a second that it can't be detected early on because of Diabetes. I've been pregnant twice and the tests from the shop came back positive both those times when I was only 3-4weeks pregnant.

You'll never really find one answer for this. You'll likely not pregnant, it's probably your body reacting to the stress and suddenly getting enough insulin again, etc but we can't tell you that for sure because a) we aren't doctors and b) we aren't you.

If you REALLY think you are, then go to another doctor and have them do the test..though it's not much different than the tests you can get from the shop. I've been told they use the same tests you can get from the store.

(mini2390) #53

If it is longer than a month without your period it is definitely a good idea to check again. As stated before, however, it is hard to tell when you have been so early diagnosed with diabetes. Your body is now going through new changes and adjusting to the lifestyle you are now going to have to lead. I am not a doctor but I do know that menstrual cycles can be affected by the disease from personal experience. I once was late for two months. I do have a suggestion, after a few weeks you should see if your doctor can take blood to have a more accurate idea if you are pregnant if you still don't show in a urine test. Hope that helped a bit.

(zoeynewman) #54

thank you :)

its so confusing because some people say having diabetes shouldnt effect my period and other say it can.

went to the doctor four days ago and she was useless didnt say anything wasent willing to do a blood test or anything.

(system) #55

Then it's time to find a new family doctor.

The blood test for pregnancy is definitely a lot more accurate, so I agree you should ask for that if you don't get your period next month.

(Kacey) #56

Hey Zoe! I'm about your age, and I had diabetes way before I was actually diagnosed. I didn't have a period for 6 months. I thought I was pregnant too but it is just the blood sugars running high! It will

Come back after you get it under control. Even now when I don't control my diabetes I won't get my period until I lower my blood sugar.

(FriendlyGuy64) #58

I walk 6 days a week…I do burpees, which is a very tough exercise workout, 5 days a week…I do quick 5 minute run, then walk 5 minutes to cool down before I go to work on Mon to Fri…I do power yoga twice a week…Exercises help me to stabilize my blood sugar level well.

(Kate) #59

2x a week which is every weekend.