How Old Were You At Diagnosis?

(Yaffa) #201

1 year ago at age 66. Guess I’m still a bit of a juvenile.

(Bella) #202

I was diagnosed just a month ago and I’m 17 yrs old as well. I can seriously relate to feeling out of place in a pediatric hospital lol.

(Brittany) #203

It was in 1998 at the age of 7

(scdiver) #204

29 yrs old, thought that was unusual

(Roseann) #205

I was 18 months old. But I was also diagnosed with several other auto immune disorders at the same time. The T1 Diabetes is one of the hardest ones to deal with though, especially being a brittle T1 Diabetic.

(Cathleen) #206

Eva was diagnosed with Epilepsy at age 4, Celiac at age 8 and T1 at age 13, just 3 months ago. These are all “invisible” challenges and friends are surprised when they hear how much she has been through.


dx at 9 1979. Back when we got to pee on a stick and match the colors to know what your blood sugar range was.

Fun Times! :slight_smile:

(Rebecca) #208

I was 4 years old when I was diagnosed. Now I’m 23 years old.

(Marquazia) #209

I Was 17 & Now Im 23.

(Sam) #210

My daughter was diagnosed at 11 months old and she’s 7 now.

(Allan) #211

I’m not sure if this allowed, I’m sharing my daughter’s age at 2 year old.

(Dennis J. Dacey, pwD) #212

Yes Allan @papaniabe, sharing your daughter’s age is permitted here and is appropriate. and a Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation!
I appreciate your wise judgement in shielding and protecting your daughter and her identity, but the way you shared her age in your postings is safe. As you are using this site, you will most probably want to ask for suggestions to supplement what your daughter’s doctors have told you [about diet, activity, medications, etc.] and without knowing your daughter’s age and duration living with diabetes it would be almost impossible for others, folks like me, to offer suggestions.

TypeOneNation is a mostly self monitoring place where people affected with T1D to gather and show support and share knowledge learned from living with diabetes; I am not a medical doctor but I regularly and frequently share what I have experienced and learned, good and not so good, while living a full life despite having diabetes for over 60 years.
Keep in mind that T1D is different in each of us - what has worked very well for me may not be appropriate for your daughter. A little bit of advice from an old-timer: be positive with your daughter and let her be a little girl and help her along without being overly restrictive.

(Kylie) #213

I was 14 when diagnosed.

(Sofia) #214

My son was 1 year and 11 months old

(Sloane) #215

I was/am 11, and I got diagnosed about a month ago.

(tored) #216

I was age 4 in 1958 after being in a coma and came out of that coma with T1D. They didn’t call it T1D back then - it was called juvenile diabetes. My diagnosing dr told my mom that I probably wouldn’t live past the age of 20. I’m still here! I was on shots until I got on the pump and it was a complete 180 being on the pump. Do whatever you can to get on the pump because it makes a big difference.