How Old Were You At Diagnosis?

(Gina) #81


(Aneka) #82

just turned 2 :)

(MikeysMom) #83

Love to read everyones replies. My son was diagnosed on December 17th 2007, at 4 years old. I think we can all agree whether were the one with type one or the parent of, we will never forget the day we found out. Its like a holiday or birthday we dont celebrate, but will always be engraved in our minds.

(amglucy) #84

how are you dealing with it?

(brookel) #85

ya that would b cool 2 make a bar graph!!! I was 8 when I was diagnosed

(devin14) #86

10 years old i was in 4th grade


(wendyjac) #87

2008 at Age 39

(Kristine Joy Mentoy) #88

i was 11..

(AaronB) #89

7,  right before saint patrick's Day.

(lizzistardust) #90

30... Just over a month ago.

(frost8storm) #91

I was 9. I had to miss the last few weeks of 3rd grade and didn't get to participate in a play that I had a solo in. >:P

(Jillian H) #92

I was nine. I was diagnosed during the school year and since I was in the hospital I was excused from doing a book report I had been dreading. So that was a plus!

(system) #93

I was 52, dx'ed aug./08. This thread makes me feel old!!! LOL

(smartin) #94

i was 7.

(cwowolf) #95

I was 8 almost 9, it was November of 1980. Almost 30 yrs ago.

(ksum) #96

Feb of this year 43 yrs old.

(confuegosuzy) #97

2 months after I turned 20, the start of the spring semester of my sophomore year in college. Needless to say, my gpa wasn't so hot that semester.

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(Kelly Jones) #100

8....I feel very bad for the babies and toddlers. I hear that some people are glad that they got it an a young age so they don't know anything differently, but the older your diagnosis is, the less complications you will have at an earlier age.