How Old Were You At Diagnosis?

(Khendra) #101

10.  I remember having to miss a ton of my 4th grade school days, but I caught up somehow and survived the school year.  My teacher was wondering why I kept getting so thirsty all the time in the weeks leading up to my diagnosis (I was wondering, too!).

(system) #102

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8....I feel very bad for the babies and toddlers. I hear that some people are glad that they got it an a young age so they don't know anything differently, but the older your diagnosis is, the less complications you will have at an earlier age.


Good one I already had complications from getting older when I got dx'ed LOL That was at 52

(Brittany) #103

I was almost 11 when I was diagnosed. It was when I was in 5th grade because I remember going to watch my friend preform in the talent show the night before I was put in the hospital. I felt awful...then I missed like only 3 days of school and the morning I went back my friend was waiting for me and I told her and she was like "Your kidding." It took a while for everyone to get used to it because I was the first diabetic at my elementary school.

(Mollys Momma) #104

My daughter was diagnosed earlier this month at age 5.

(Kelly Jones) #105

My third grade teacher would get so mad at me because every few minutes I would ask to go to the water fountain and the bathroom- she thought I was just goofing off, but I couldn't help it!!

(Nancy) #106

I was finally diagnosed at 10 months although I had been hospitalized for about 2 weeks. July 1966.

(Kobe) #107

I was diagnosed at 16 on christmas day

(Rita) #108

I was 8.
Although I was only diagnosed correctly after having passed out from Ketoacidosis…
So… maybe 7?

(emily) #109

I was diagnosed at 14 years old, January 11th, 2012! Right after my mom was praying and wishing for a happy healthy new year after my sister suffered an AVM (like a brain hemorrhage in 2011! We can’t control what happens in our lives, but it only makes us stronger! :slight_smile:

(Alethea) #110

I was 14! Got diagnosed on Feb 1, 2015

(Vickie) #111

I was 21, turning 22. Est. 2009.
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(Chloe) #112

I was 11, and I’m now 14, so it was 3 years ago

(Donna) #113

I was 56 years old. Talk about turning your world upside down.

(flebeccaann) #114

My name is Rebecca and I was diagnosed when I was 6 years old!

(Janet) #115

I was two years old when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

(lepley) #116

9! One month before my 10th birthday! It seems like being diagnosed around your birthday is pretty common! I’m a year away from my 20 year diaversary. I’m thinking of going on a cruise!!

(tored) #117
  1. In October of 1958.

(Victoria) #118

I was diagnosed at 8. July 10, 2010

(Ryan) #119

I was a 17 year old, feeling out of place in a children’s hospital.

(Chloe) #120

I was 11
I was diagnosed in the last week of August 2015