How Old Were You At Diagnosis?

(Tracey) #121

I was 10 years old, and I’ve been dealing with it for 42 years. The new 670g pump has made things a lot easier!

(sherrik830) #122

Anna was 8 years old. Diagnosed during Diabetes awareness month! November!

(Rachel) #123

17! which ws 3 months ago

(Elisha) #124

12 but the doctors said I had it for several months before I was diagnosed. The same thing happened with my eplipse. Lol :pensive:

(Jon) #125

13, which was 1985 33 years ago

(Laqueta) #126

I was 8 years old when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes!

(Mary) #127

I was 9! 25 years ago in August!

(Kevin) #128

I was 26, diagnosed in 1982.

(Craig) #129

I was diagnosed at 28. The doctor in charge after my two-week stay in the ICU told me they believe I was symptomatic for quite some time without knowing, and the resulting nerve damage and neuropathy supports that. It has been a difficult road coming back from that and the life changes it resulted in.

(Joey) #130

I was 10 years old right after Valentines day.

(Brent) #131

i was 13 years old im 20 now c:

(John) #132

I was 6 I’m 54 now no complications and AC1 in the 5’s. It’s a lifestyle change low carbs, exercise and the more muscle you maintain the more carbs your body burns. Educate yourself as most doctors even endocrinologists tend to have one plan for everyone. Find what works for you. My mother-n-law was diagnosed at 5 she is 81 and is doing great only complications is recent circulation not bad for be type 1 for 76 years!!!

(Brian) #133

5 in 1979. I’ve lived with it way before current technology, which I highly recommend using, that has aloud me to live a normal life without any know issues that would typically be associated with a diabetic of 39 years.

(Jennifer) #134

I was 16… diagnosed at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve 2000… what a way to ring in the new millennium :tired_face:. I was in the ICU for a couple of days. My whole family was sick with the flu over the holiday season… people were told to stay away from the hospital as it was a flu outbreak, my Dad had to carry me into the emergency room. New Year celebrations will never be the same.

(Jennifer) #135

I hear you… I was 16 and placed in the children’s ward.

(Kaitlyn) #136

I was 12 when I was diagnosed with T1D

(Alyxis) #137

I was just diagnosed at age 26

(Alyxis) #138

Hi there I was just diagnosed two months ago and am also 26. How are you coping with the lifestyle change?

(Kevin) #139

Did you at least get one last guilt-free piece of cake? Or was that the T1D straw that broke the symptoms back?

(Allison) #140

I was 8 years old, had just started 3rd grade.