How Old Were You At Diagnosis?

(Chris) #161

Was 12 years old in 1964, in for long haul. Have watched the industry change over the last half of a century, and unfortunately as with any chronic condition in the “capitol of capitalism” it has shifted it’s focus primarily toward profit. there is a fairly long list of procedures and devices that have been held back for this reason. Right now the worst one is the non invasive CGM and or monitor. All for the cyclic consumption of strips. Only CGMs or monitors with some type of cyclic attachment will be made available. Greed is a cruel master.

(Susan) #162

I was 37 y/o and was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease at the same time. I guess I just have a whacked out immune system. I’m 62 now and can’t even remember what life without T1D.
I bought a bike the year I was diagnosed and have been cycling ever since.

(Christopher) #163

35 years old. 5 days ago. 6/18/18

(Lyn) #164

I had gestational diabetes with my second child at 23. My doctor told me if I didn’t watch my diet, less sugar and carbs — and I was average weight, that it could come back in about two years. I didn’t pay much attention to that advice but he was right, I was diagnosed with T1D at 25 years old.

(Tammy) #165

I was 7 and diagnosed about 5 days before Christmas. I spent Christmas in the hospital. That was almost 50 years ago.

(Robert) #166

I was 18. I’ll never forget because I was diagnosed on Friday the 13th. I remember them saying “oh it’s probably not diabetes but we just have to check” and then being diagnosed… I sat in the educators office and called my mom and said “Mom- I need you to leave work and come to the Drs office” and my mother was in a full blown panic and left work and came to be with me.

(Kylie) #167

I was six years old, three months away from being seven when I was diagnosed.

(nicky81) #168

I was 2…my daughter was 18 months old.

(Nicole) #169

I was diagnosed at age 40 in February of this year. I was also diagnosed with Raynaud’s a few months later and Hashimoto’s the year before. I think my husband is taking it harder than I am.

(trufflemaker) #170

Hey Just A Guy, I hope you’re hanging in there with this new life since diagnosed.

Caring about you.

(trufflemaker) #171

51.5 a very youthful person. Now almost 10 years

(Grace) #172

I was 10 yrs old when I was diagnosed and in the 5th grade. I am now in 8th grade and almost 13 yrsold

(Jennifer) #173

My son was 8 when he was diagnosed.

(VVIAN) #174

I was 53 years old; due to my age I was misdiagnosed as T2 initially, lost 50 lbs and finally diagnosed correctly on 4/12/18, T1.

(Jm1977) #175

I was 37 years old when I was diagnosed.

(Emily) #176

9 years old ( 24 years and counting with T1D )

(BeccaGae) #177

3 years 3 days
Born: 15 February 1975
Diagnosed: 18 February 1978

(Amanda ) #178

I was 6 when I was diagnosed with T1D

(Kelly) #179

I was 25, my mother and aunt were both about 40.


My son was diagnosed one week after his 17th birthday. As he says “worst birthday ever!”