Hypo Unwareness

(Ron) #41

Just googled it. “Person With Diabetes” New term to me.

(Dennis J. Dacey, pwD) #42

Oh Ron @Treadplate, my typo - thanks for helping me with DWD, dog with Diabetes.

I hope you will take me very seriously about checking your glucose level before driving even with Ransom there beside you i I don’t want him to get hurt. I really hope that Ransom and you work well together - dogs can be really awesome assistants. [BTW, when a neighbor’s dog was diagnosed with diabetes, he came to me for help learning the best technique for insulin shots.]

I too have developed some inability to tell when my BGL is dropping quickly so I’ve now been prescribed CGM. There are many evenings that my wife [we’ve been married 51 years] will notice that I’m dropping before I do -

(Patti) #43

Hi Ron, I was so glad you posted about your DAD Ransom from DAD’s of America. I’ve thoroughly researched all the info on their website thinking one day, not quite ready, I will get one. My hypo unawareness was getting tough and more challenging the past year. I’ve been T1D 28 yrs. I think mentally I’ve been thinking through my day with things I do and having my DAD with me everywhere knowing how big of a change that would be. How has that worked out for you? Are you in a good groove with Ransom and how long did it take before he realized you were his new person? I’ve started using the Libre CGM so it’s helped me immensely to catch my lows, but I still want to have an alert dog one day and wondered if you were satisfied working with that company

(Donna) #44

I started having hypo unawareness within a few years of diagnosis. Its hard to count the number of times that i had this occur in some very dangerous situations. The last straw was my husband finding me on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night unconscious. After that I bought my dexcom g4. My insurance didn’t cover it for several years (but does now) but we figured I couldn’t be without. Hope you can get your transmitter soon.

(Janice) #45

Absolutely, been H U for years, type one for 64 years. My dexcom was a life saver, but since my ins.co decided not to cover it I have been without for 4 years. I test my blood every 2 hours until I can get my unit again. It’s every 2 hours 24/7. I was having problems where my blood would drop 80 pts in 1 hr. My endo stated that sometimes our adrenal glands can cause this problem had mine checked they are fine, but found out that our hormones Ie: estrogen, testosterone can also cause problems, had mine tested and they are off, trying to correct… For the actual unawareness the only way is to use a CGM. Correct Dexcom and see if they had a program that will help , also Medicare has approved the Dexcom to be covered by Medicare, your cost would be 20% of their price to medicare. If you have no ins, apply for medicare disability if they turn you down get a medicare atty, I did and I am glad I did, CGM is considered a DME, if I can help, let me know. Keep in touch Bye Have a great day jan