I am back from vacation!

(Gina) #1

After a nice vacation I am finally back to reality, and Juvenation LOL so if you  need me I am now available!

Hope you didn't miss me too much!



(system) #2

what happens in vegas...

(KC_Casey) #3

what happens in Vegas comes to us on juvenation from the worlds best site runner GINA

(Brittany) #4

Yay!! Your back. lol. I guess your vacation went well except it probably went fast like it always does! So did ya win some money??? lol. jk.


(amyl1027) #5

     It's good to see you back, but do you really wanna go all the way to reality so soon?

(system) #6

welcome back!

(Anonymous) #7

Welcome back Gina. Hope you had a great vacation :)