I am on Live Radio Tonite!

(Gina) #1

Tune in tonite at 8pm eastern time Tonite! and listen to me on the Diabetes Living Today radio show! www.wvlt.com

click here for more information


(Anonymous) #2

Remember us when you're giving interviews all over the world?


But really, congrats, Gina!! Good luck, you've got Juvenation's support :D

(figure skater girl) #3

tell everyone about juvenation, if you can!

(Anonymous) #4

How did it go, Mrs Gina??

(Brittany) #5

[quote user="Alyssa"]

How did it go, Mrs Gina??


Haha! Alyssa you made it sound like she was a teacher. Well i guess she is kind of. She is our looker outer person. lol :) How did it go? I forgot to listen to it!

(Anonymous) #6

Maybe it's archived?

And technically, she's Juvenation's Mother, we decided this a while ago on some post - most likely on a Friday night when no one had anything to do, per usual :P But does that make her out cyber/pixal once removed mother in law??

(Brittany) #7

Haha! She is also the queen of Diabetes Island. Where she sits on her throne and waves her magical wand. lol. She is our virtual mother.

(Anonymous) #8

Ha, that sounds weird for some reason LOL. Ha ha, yes, I remember that queen bit ;P The fun we have!!

So, Gina. What's the relation? LOL

(Gina) #9

OMG you two are so funny! I like being the queen of diabetes island, I am still trying to get used to all of my kids here in cyber world though. Its weird being a cyber mom LOLOLOL

(Anonymous) #10

LOL; 6,000+ children, huh?

(Brittany) #11

Wow that's alot of children Gina! :)

(Gina) #12

LOL. I have been busy

Think of me like the old woman in the shoe. Had so many cyber kids she doesn't know what to do ! LOLOLOL

(Brittany) #13

haha! Ok little old lady in the shoe. lol. I can be your agent. I have a letter from the osteoporosis people. They want you as their spokesperson. lol. Jk. Do you accept???? lol