I created this using Photoshop. It was a project where we could pick pretty much anything. This is not a photograph. It was created completely from layers--about 80 of them. I left out the strip insert because I ran out of time

(Sarah Anthony) #1

(Georgia) #2

Eighty layers?!?  That is a LOT of work.  It looks great-very cool...

(Sarah Anthony) #3

Thank you. Yeah, thank goodness someone finally showed me the "merge layers" feature.

(Lala13) #4

thats ausome!!!!!!

(stilledlife) #5

sweet, me love layer function!

good work, I lack the patients to do this, my hats off to you!

(Sarah Anthony) #6

Why, thank you.

(stilledlife) #7

Reviving this post.

(seacat) #8

WOW! Thats realy good! How long did it take you to make it??????

(Sarah Anthony) #9

Thanks! Hmm, it was a couple of years ago, so my memory is a bit fuzzy. Considering it was my first big photoshop project and I was still learning the program, I'd guesstimate between 15-20 hrs altogether. If I were to do it today, having learned many more tricks, it'd probably take around 3-5. I'm not sure I could get it to look any better, though. I was a bit of a perfectionist on this one.