I was told it was curable

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All right SuperSam here it is. I was diagnosed 64 years ago, no promises all we were trying to do is say alive with no thought of a cure. I am sure you are aware that the immune system inhibits our production of insulin, so by backing off the immune system conceivably you could be In a lot better shape, I have considered this option, just to see if it works. What Suffering are you talking about, in comparison to all the other diseases out there Ie: cancer, Parkinson’s , MS, diabetes is not so bad- and not to be rude but get over it. Jan

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For what it’s worth, I do believe we are closer to a cure now than ever before. Between 2010 and 2018 there has been a huge leap forward in research and development. The resources at our disposal 30 years ago pale in comparison to the resources we have today. There is tremendous support and funding.

Successful tests in mice don’t always mean success in humans, but the fact they they were able to cure diabetes in mice makes me very confident that we will in the near future see success in getting the human pancreas to start producing insulin again. Once researchers can successfully make the human pancreas of a t1d produce insulin, we are basically at the finish line.

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Yes @janiceD those diseases are bad, but they don’t mean that youre going to live with them forever. It is possible you recover. While with this you’re forced to live knowing they’re probably just hoarding money trying to draw out the profits as much as possible. Also they aren’t tempted on a daily basis. Yes this is shallow l. Call me shallow, I want to be able to eat a damn sandwich without being concerned whether it’s going to kill me or not I’ve already broken my back over this disease (literally seizure*).

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@supersam101 no offense but you’re comment is terribly naive and ignorant. My mother has been diagnosed with MS for roughly 25 years. There is no “recovering” from it. The best bet she has is to try to slow down the process of this debilitating disease. She has literally tried every treatment available only to be confined to a wheelchair for the past 15 years. To see someone so vibrant and full of energy reduced to this is heartbreaking at best. She would love to be able to take a few shots of insulin every day if it meant she could play with her grandkids on the lawn or even walk to the neighbors to chat. Yes, diabetes can have dire consequences as well, if not managed properly, but there are also diseases, some much worse, that also have no cure and are brought on without any real cause.

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It’s absolutely frustrating and I feel your pain.

The one thing that is guaranteed to ease your frustration is getting good control. It’s tedious at first but it’s well worth the effort. When you don’t have good control you “feel” your diabetes a lot more. More lows, more highs etc. When you have tight control you either feel it a lot less or don’t feel it at all.

Nobody is witholding the cure. We live in a real world not in a fictional movie. Lily and Novo both actively contribute to diabetes research. They are aware that a cure will mean the end for their business, but this is life. Many companies that see an end of life to their industry will diversify their holdings.

We also may see a proper functional cure before we see a permanent one. There is an insulin/glucagon pump in development, as well as faster insulin. With time, we can potentially see a “set it and forget it” type thing where the pump will completely take over the work of your pancreas.

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OK Sam, here it is, those diseases I mentioned are incurable, for the most part… If you want a sandwich, cake, anything have it, just do it correctly. I do, I just know how to do it the right way… Like I said I’ve had this for 64 years and I am not suffering, I also have RA, PBC (liver ) AI hep (liver) am an amputee , not diabetes related (went swimming with the sharks, or how about sky diving, bad landing, a surgery that went to hell, died afterward, polio back when… The people I know with Parkinson’s and MS wish there was a cure. I don’t know of anyone that has died from eating a sandwich, cake, pie, malt. at least not diabetes way possibly from choking, or brain freeze. If you want it, eat it just do it the right way. I don’t hoard money, other things possibly., low blood sugar seizure? You need to live and quit being such a baby about it, I came back after dying and yes it was an interesting trip. Try to LIVE you are not the only one. Have a great day if you can. Bye Jan PS: Live up to your name

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Janice, God already knows he’s not taking you without a fight. :smile:

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He sent me back with a list, told him that I wouldn’t be able to remember everything that was on the list, he said I’d know I when I saw it, not to worry about remembering the list, so far that is the way it’s working. Have a great day. You know where I am if you need words of encouragement, check us out on Facebook “The next Step-peer mentoring” I am the only female amputee in the club, I am very lucky, most of the group cannot move their bodies below the waist, that’s scary. Bye jan Ps: keep in touch

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SuperSam if you want to know how to do it the right way let me know, I’ll tell you but only after you stop complaining and decide to live a great life. I am afraid that if you had to find your sugar level the old way (measuring, cooking urine with Sulphur and copper) you would just expire., but if you honestly want help let me know. Bye Jan

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I was living a great life I was fine until I was found lying “dead” on the school grass and lost my dignity. Now all I get is “oh you have diabetes, that must suck”. They don’t remember me as the guy who helped them through hard times, introduced them to the right groups of friends and gave prayer to. I’m just “that kid with diabetes”. And it’s a disgusting word (Diabetes) it really sucks. I try to say I’m a diabetic, because it rolls off the tongue easier. However, I try not to tell people I’m diabetic because then immediately I’m demoted in the social status and placed among. “special” instead of “nice” or “kind”. I want the old me back. The one that could walk from the bottom of the school to the top with people going oh hey there’s “my name” he’s cool etc. Now I walk to the top hear conversations begin about how I got diabetes (that key word, the ugly one) and now I have to inject bla bla bla. I try walk with pride and honor, but they were extinguished with my social profile. I understand what I said was unethical. It was stupid and rude. I know. Trust me.

I am no longer me. I am not who I am supposed to be. Not who I would like to be, at least. Since we are who we are but never know who we truly are. I ain’t no baby, but I do know that I am foolish. I am inexperienced with a mere two years under the belt. Two years… It’s a long time. And I asked when I learned in the first year “how long till the cure?” I got “10 years” one year later “10 years” I’m looking forward to next year’s “10 years” and the next until eventually I’m thirty and I’ve missed my potential youth because of some stupid mortal dysfunction. @janiceD @Zale

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Until next time one

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When I was your age and in school I used to think the same thing. I thought that my social status was less than other people, but then I realized that people actually don’t really care or think about it as much as I thought they do. If you’re a cool guy, they will just want to hang with you and will totally not give a crap about your diabetes.

You are thinking about it all the time, and so you are perceiving that your friends are thinking about it all the time. I assure you they are not.

Get back in the game. Full speed ahead. Be who you want to be. Be the coolest kid in the class. There is nothing stopping you.

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I was 9 when diagnosed( I was within 10 days of dying), and I spent a month in the hosp when I was supposed to be in school, my dad would bring my school work to the hosp, going back was scary and sometimes I had to explain why I had to test my urine. Some people are jerks no matter what and others could care less about your diabetes. I had a doctor while in the hosp tell me that “There wasn’t anything I couldn’t do or have” and he is right. I worked at D-land and had a great time, I grew up in the 60’s R&R, surfing ,drag racing, diabetes didn’t stop my social life. I don’t know who or what you were supposed to be and I don’t understand why you still can’t be… Diabetes is a condition you just happen to have like a million other people, it doesn’t change you. If you were “cool” then you can be "cool " If people looked up to you then and needed your help they may be afraid to ask you now show them you are still the same guy, diabetes doesn’t change the basic you unless of course you let it… You want an inspiration look at Mr. Stephen Hawkings talk about a hard life dealing with ALS . That man was brilliant, top in his field, family , respected, honored, he could not walk, talk, or anything else but his contribution to the world cannot be measured. There is nothing you can’t do, you are holding yourself back. Why don’t you look for a cure, get the education either formal of by experience and find a cure, maybe that is who you are supposed to be., then you will be the “Man” that found a cure. Please find a direction with all the effort you are using in being miserable, use that energy to do all kinds of great things, find a cure. There is a professor at Central Florida University that found a way to distract the immune system from destroying our insulin producing cells, using insulin impregnated lettuce, check him out, maybe you can help, his plan is feasible, put your misery and energy where it will do the most good, be the MAN. Bye Jan

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He took me and threw me back, with a list, It’s a long list but what an education, besides sometimes it’s fun to go up against the “Experts” and win, who has an ego? Have a great day. Bye Jan