I wish to have my life back please!😭

(Dakota) #1

Hello I’m Dakota. I got diagnoses 3 weeks before my 14 bday so I spent my very first birthday as a T1D. It was pretty hard for kw because I felt like God was punoshong ke with this condition that I cant get rid of(Im not teying to make anybody upset), but then at the same time I was very confused. Especially when I added school into the picture, as if school wasn’t already stressful. I would cry at nights just hoping that I would wake up and be normal again.
But this spaceis to share how you feel about life and how well you are taking it.
Take care!

(Katherine) #2

Hi! My name is Kaye and I’ve had diabetes for 11 years. It gets easier I promise. Diabetes can be scary at first, but once you find people who will support you, and once you get used to it, it will get much easier. You’re still normal, you just have to do things a bit different. But that’s okay!

(Dakota) #3

Hi Katharine, nice to meet you and i am glad to know that it gets easier being diagnosed to cope with it

(BookwormNerd13) #5

Hey Dakota! I just added you on Snap but I wanted to reply here too :slight_smile:
I completely understand how you’re feeling. I want you to know that things DO get better. It is super stressful at first learning to manage all of the changes, but you’ll find that it can be an incredibly small part of your life if you choose to make it so. Ultimately, my diagnosis has made me a stronger and more responsible person; I truly believe that God doesn’t give this battle to anyone who can’t handle it. Things do get difficult sometimes but you have friends here to lean on when you need support. If you make the most of your condition you will find it can be more of a blessing than a “punishment”.

(joe) #6

@Dakotafour hi Dakota,

a lot of people feel punished and singled out by this. I know I did. I was angry at everyone and at the God of my understanding and even my friends and family. It isn’t easy to wrap your head around “chronic disease” because at least for me, I used to get sick and then I would always get better. I spent nearly 20 years wishing it was a dream and things could go back to the good old days.

The things that help me are talking about it, being around others that understand, and forgiving myself for my “failures”. Of everyone I was angry at, I was angry with myself the most. Forgiveness and self esteem gave me a new understanding.

The way I see it: life isn’t good or bad, and there is no such thing as normal. There’s just life. It can be very scary and challenging at times. There may be days that seem to never end. It may seem like everything is against you at times… but if there is one thing I can promise you today - it will not always be like this.

Getting diabetes is an assault to your mind and body. It’s trauma. It changes everything. No one wants it, and yes for now it ain’t going away. We all go through the stages of grief for our loss of good health: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. No one gets to bypass these we all have had to live through them.

Surround yourself with people that are caring and supportive, build a team including doctors and CDE, and even us, collectively we here at T1N have had diabetes for hundreds of years and we can help too.

also and one last thought: asking for your life back implies you don’t have your life anymore. which I am pretty sure is not accurate… i think that I wanted my OLD life back, the way it was before… that’s different. Whatever age you are and whoever is alive right now in your family and whatever car they are driving and house or apartment they are living in and their current dog or cat is a “snapshot” …a “selfie” locked in time and as soon as the moment passes - so do these details, While some details are really important, like if your parents or your favorite Aunt is alive There is nothing in this life that is permanent. There is nothing that always stays the same from the color in your hair to your friends to your relatives to your favorite shirt… so the most important thing I learned in 53 years so far, is to not waste a moment, because you’ll never see that moment again. Everything changes, so enjoy what you love and try to learn as much as you can, maybe especially from your past, but you always have to live in the now.

(Amalia) #7

Hi Dakota, i am a mother of a T1D, he is 8 years old. We found for in may when he was 7… He is taking it good on most days. I can only imagine how T1D people feel. It hurts my heart for my baby and all we can do is take it in and take it day by day. Just know you are not alone!