I Wouldn't Be Who I Am Today Without Diabetes!

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~I Wouldn't Be Who I Am Today Without Diabetes~


Before Diabetes entered my life i was the average 10 year old girl who loved to play Barbi's and dolls and found dirt and mud to be absoulutly disgusting! I lived a normal life, eating what i want, when i want and being totally carefree about my health. I didn't know what Diabetes was yet alone barely what a disease was. I never once imagined or thought about pricking my finger and poking myself with a needle each time i ate until the day i took a visit to the doctors office to find out i was a Type 1 Juvenile Diabetic. I was scared at my unknowing about Diabetes and disease and just hearing those "4" words scared me most. A thousand questions raced out of my mouth like horses on the way to the hospital and barely any of the questions got answered. From The very moment i entered the Emergancy Room till' about 7 days later i learned what i would live with for the rest of my life. From the very moment i fisrt understood what diabetes was i realized God gave me this disease because it completes me and he knew i could handle it and i would learn a great deal from it. As the years went on i learned and gained a lot of knowledge from my disease. I became so well educated that i could now teach a class of a thousand about Diabetes and the do's and dont's. I am now 15 and i'm me! Yes, i'm the normal 15 year old girl who loves hanging with friends and staying up all night talking about boys with my bestfriends but i also have a great wealth of knowledge on Diabetes and helath that most 15 year old girls do not have. I have battled little wars everyday with Diabetes and not every girl my age can say that. To people i am no longer just Amber, i'm Amber the girl with Diabetes. Diabetes is my finishing charateristic without Diabetes i was a less educated girl based on diabetes and i wasn't my full self yet!

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Amber, That is how I feel,But like u I was 3 1/2 years old when i was Dx with diabetes. Now that I am 14 years old, I think that i could not do this without my friend and family and the most of all God,I kown that God gave me diabetes because he kown that i could handle diabtes and That i would also help little kids that have diabetes too. That is why I belive that I maybe 14 years old but i am not a normal 14 year old I am an 14 year old that has diabetes and I can help people with diabetes get thought this and help found a cure.

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Yeppp me tooo! Thanks for commenting and agreeing! If you ever want to tlk just message me!

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You are wlcome Amber and Maybe i just will send u an e-mail

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Amber and Jaimie,

You ladies are an encoragement to me.  May God bless you as you continue to face the challenges of life, and a life with diabetes.


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Thanks God will bless all us and May god bless u as well since030993

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He has!  He Has!!!

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Yes he has

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Thanks you tooooo! and jaimie i was really hoping you would and when i signed in today and seen u did i was happy

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Hey Amber! I totally agree! 

Diabetes is apart of me. I would not be able to say "hi I am Kelsey" unless diabetes was there. I would not have everything I do have without it. I would be different. SO many people say that when they get dxed that is wnt change em but they're wrong. It changes so much in life... I wouldn't no because I have had it for 12 of my 13 years but from what I have read on here, it seems true!

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Yesss it is verrry true! and if you ever need to tlk im always willing to listen and if you ever need advice im here!@

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[quote user="Amber Buller"]

Yesss it is verrry true! and if you ever need to tlk im always willing to listen and if you ever need advice im here!@


Thanks! That means a lot!!!