I'd love to connect with some T1s in Columbus Ohio

(Stephanie) #1

I’m Stephanie. I’m a 29 y/o nurse in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve have T1D for almost 8 years.
I don’t really know anyone else with Type 1!
An old coworker, a childhood friend I’ve lost touch with. That’s it! I’d love to connect with some T1D folks in my city of Columbus, Ohio!
I love hiking, horseback riding, checking out events downtown, and of course, eating! If you like those things, have T1D, and live nearby, let’s connect!

(Heidi) #2

Hi Stephanie, I am a strong woman was just diagnosed 8 weeks ago. It definetely has been a shock to the system. But, doing everything in my power and working with an Endocronogist at Ihio State to learn! I My sister is an avid horseback rider and has lots of friends with horses! Would love to connect and say hi!

(Dani) #3

We live in the Columbus area my daughter was treated at Nationwide Children diagnosed 6 days ago … she’s 10 and have found youngsters with T1D on Facebook. I wish you well and there are many groups out there I’ve been told…

(Amanda) #4

Hi Stephanie!

My name is Amanda. I’m 27 and have been Type 1 for 23 years. I love hockey and am a huge Blue Jackets fan. I don’t know anyone else in Columbus with T1D. I would love to meet more people in Columbus dealing with the ins and outs of managing diabetes!

(Stephanie) #5

Coffee date anyone? Lol.
And, Amanda, one of our good friends works for the jackets and got us tickets a few years ago. It was my first NHL game and it was really fun!