(Gina) #1

If you live in Illinois and want to find others that live in your area this is the place!

(Kelsey Hasmonek) #2 i the only person from illinois?

(Kaprice) #3

Finally someone from IL...i am from IL. 

(cracker2402) #4

I'm from Illinois too, I'm down in Champaign.

(Bonesgirl17) #5

hey, I'm from Illinois, around the Rockford area!

(dancetiludrop) #6

heyy i live in illinois in barrington about an hour out from chicago

(brandi) #7

I live in Illinois in Palos Park about 30 min from downtown.

(golfpapabravo06) #8

i am from illinois as well, north chicago suburbs, Libertyville, IL

(Laurenerz) #9

I Live in IL too!! I'm from Carol Stream - basically the northwest suburbs of chicago!

(Cindy Quinlan) #10

Hi, we live in Palos Park also.  Cindy, Mom of Andrew dx. at 18 months old.  14 years ago.


(moosesmom) #11

We live in Huntley , NW suburbs. 

(diabetic-angel) #12

i live in illinois too!!!! i live in elmhurst, about a half hour drive to chicago. i love elmhurst so much.

(Laurenerz) #13

Lauren I must say I just love your name!!! LOL!!  I am from Carol Stream and actually attend Elmhurst I am not to far from you!!! Love pretty!!!

(smddance10) #14

i live in illinois . . . arlington heights baby!! not a lot a ppl no where that is which i think is weird . . . anyone no where that is?

(MadGradChemist) #15

I know exactly where AH is.  I grew up there, and my parents are still there, though I've moved to Madison, WI.

(SugaRush1126) #16

yeahhhh shannon i knoww where arlington heights is....LOL!!! luvvv ya GIRRRL!!!!! heyyy people, i'm from ILLINIOS!!! i live in the chicago area....             anyone else??? it doesnt seem like muchh people on this site live around the chicago area, but if youu do PLEASE tell me!!!! thanks!!! <3

(courtmart) #17

right now I live in Chicago, going to school at Loyola University, but I am from the southwest suburbs

(Sanndra) #18

I sure do! In the middle of no whare city called Gilberts, it's by elgin, and kinda by algonquin

(Scott Bierman) #19

I am from SE Illinois - Charleston area - Home of EIU, College of Tony Romo.

(lupe_06) #20

hiii  i  live   in  chicago   il and  iam  lookin for friends