I'm Going on Vacation this week

(Gina) #1

Hey everyone,

I will be going away for business this week July 22, 23 then leaving for California and Las Vegas on July 25 - August 3. I will have limited internet access, so if I am not posting that much or you don't see me around that is why. I will let you know if someone will cover for me while I am gone.



(orange_mms) #2

Have great time. We'll see you when you get back !!!

(meme) #3

Have a fun vacation Gina !!

(Anonymous) #4

Have a great time Gina :)

(A-D) #5


I wish you much fun and profit on your travels...  Remember to come back, eh?



(BrianPQuinn) #6


Enjoy your trip and enjoy Vegas. Don't bet it all on red though. Hope all goes well and you have someone to fill in for you while you are gone. I mean yo being gone until August 3rd is a long time, who will I pick on?