Infusion sets and MRIs...Quick response, please!

(Sarah_0776) #1


So, I'm getting an MRI tomorrow, and I just came up with the though of whether or not I am supposed to take out my infusion set when I get it. I know I will have to disconnect because the pump has metal, but is there any metal in the part that stays attached? As far as I can tell, there isn't, but I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything so I know what to do during the MRI.

If anyone could respond ASAP, that would be great.



P.S.- I use the Cleo 90 Infusion sets.

(hcole) #2

I would ask the doctor there, I am sure he/she will know.  I got an MRI done, but that was before I had diabetes.  They should know, you can't be the first diabetic to have gone in for an MRI!!!  They may ask you to disconnect just in case.  Good luck!

(Sarah_0776) #3

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I'll just have to double-check with the nurses.

(Casey Bronken) #4

Almost positive it has no metal and you should be fine... good idea to double check with your doctor though (they know best). good luck.

(katie.clark) #5

[quote user="Heather Cole"]I would ask the doctor there, I am sure he/she will know.[/quote]

I'm pretty sure they would not know.  Rarely do doctors or nurses outside of an endo office know anything about diabetes management tools. 

I had an MRI on my shoulder a year or two ago.  I have a Medtronic quicket infusion set and left it in (but like you said, took the pump off)

(Nads) #6

i would say to double-check with Minimed.  Call their customer support line.

Good luck with the MRI; I hope it's not for anything serious.

(Sarah_0776) #7

Thanks, everyone. The MRI went fine- I just took the pump off and left the infusion set in. When I mentioned my pump to the nurse, he didn't seem to really know much, so I didn't even ask. I figured it would be fine.


P.S.- The MRI wasn't for anything major. I dislocated my knee cap a few weeks ago, and they just wanted to make sure nothing else was wrong with my knee.