Insulin pens not working

(Stacey) #1

I feel like loosing it. My son was having abnormal highs and I always prime his insulin pen, but I noticed it doesn’t want to do 1/2 units so I tried the pen his school nurse previously had and that too will show a drop after I prime it with one unit them NOTHING at a 1/2 unit. Anyone else ever had this issue. I am back to syringes again!

(joe) #2

@staceybartleyandrade hi Stacey, The FDA takes dosing accuracy very seriously. You must report this finding to the manufacturer.

a 1/2 unit dose should produce a 3mm diameter droplet at the top of the needle.

(Stacey) #3

thanks Joe we noticed that we used some different needles and got it to work, but not sure if it was a clog or the needles on top after 4 needles I wasn’t sure why it did not work. I am getting new pens from our endocrinologist.

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #4

It has been many years since I’ve had an insulin pen in my hands, and I’ve only used the type that utilized cartridges and not the popular prefilled.

As I recall, the needle guards had markings on them for testing accuracy of insulin and it was advised [in small print] that from time-to-time that the user verify accuracy of delivery.

(Stacey) #5

I have the cartridges and make sure to prime them and I see the insulin but it has decided to work when it wants to. Frustrating, but we can go back to syringes and be sure

(Joy) #6

The Echo pen will accurately does half units.

(Kaitlyn) #7

I was told when I was in the Novopen Jr (only novolog pen to use 1/2 unit dosing) to never prime less than 1 unit. The needles will still have air within them with only using that small of a dose. I’m now in nursing school and we are taught to prime all needles and syringes (with very very specific exceptions) to prime a full unit of insulin.

(Stacey) #8

Thank you. My son does 1/2 units frequently so I was never told not to prime. I appreciate the feedback and will check with his endocrinologist and the nurse at his school as she in the past trained staff on the use of the pen.

(Kaitlyn) #9

By not priming I meant we were told every time prime with a minimum of 1 unit…sorry I just read how that might have come across

(Clair) #10

We were told to first prime the pen by setting it to 2 units. Then set the 1/2 unit that you want to dose.