Insurance and Upgrades

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So, I'm considering going on an Animus pump, but I'm really interested in CGM. On their website, they say they're working on combingin Animus and Dexcom, so they'll have integrated CGM. I also know they have an upgrade program, where the more recently you've gotten the old pump, the less it costs to upgrade to the new one.


I don't know anything about what my insurance will cover, as I haven't contacted them yet, but I am willing to fight tooth and nail to get coverage for CGM supplies. Anyway, my question is, if I got an Animus pump now, and then upgraded when they come out with CGM support, would my insurance cover the upgrade cost? I'm very new to dealing with insurance, and don't really know what to expect...

(BrianPQuinn) #2

I believe if you were to look at the Animas site they tell you "Insurance: This is not a reimbursable program and Animas Corporation is not able to bill insurance for the ezAccess Upgrade Program." So that means you would have to pay out of pocket for an upgrade, but if it is within the first year $400.00 might not be to bad. It is up to you to decide or just wait it out and see if the new integrated pump comes out sooner than later.

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Ah! thank you. I should read more thouroughly...