Issues with the 670G “Looping”


I am literally sitting in my Endo’s office waiting to see them as I read that. I’ll seeif they swing the same thing with my insurance that yours did. That’d be really good. I’d prefer to use the Contour meter since it has some integration with the pump (not nearly like my Animas Ping though). Thanks for the suggestion.

(Ryan) #42

Good luck. I also had to have my doctor state the medical necessity of using the not-covered test strips for the meter that came with the pump that insurance approved.

(Tawnya) #43

My test strips aren’t covered by insurance either. I’ve started buying them on Amazon at a significantly lower price than in a store.

As far as sensor calibration and auto mode issues, I’ve been off of auto mode for about 3 weeks and my sugars are much better. I believe auto mode can be helpful for active people with problems with hypoglycemia. I’m my case, my sugars tend to run high, which auto mode can’t keep up with without a frequent “maximum delivery” message, and I’m rarely active enough to cause a significant drop in bg. Saw my endo today and she agrees with my decision 100%. I’m just not looking forward to explaining my self to my Medtronic team, since I just uploaded to Carelink and that usually means a phone call within a few days lol.

(Kathy) #44

@teeter979 Hi Tawnya - I saw that you are worried about explaining your decision to not use auto to your Medtronic team. You don’t have to do that. You and your Endo have made a decision on what is best for your health and well-being. Period. You don’t have to justify anything to Medtronic. They can be pushy and really want people using the automation. For many this is a good thing. For some, it’s not. You have to do what is best for you.

(Chris) #45

It is interesting observation. I don’t have any problem as such with my Openaps yahoosites com device so far.

(Amy) #46

Thanks for the Amazon tip. I’m in an insurance loop over the Contour Next strips. I just also experienced my first Calibrate/ Enter BG loop. I’m trying the wait and let it cool down approach. Never a dull day!

(Maggie) #47

This forum has been a lifesaver! Just started on the 670G (hate the design and interface), and have been using auto mode the last 2.5 weeks. Just got into a loop of doom the other day and Medtronic was NO HELP. The tech just keep reading a script about calibration errors and sensor problems, no matter how many times I explained the sensor was working well. I followed some guidelines here and auto mode is working for now. I kinda hate the tech though and don’t know if I will keep it up. I call Medtronic every other day and as others have noted, I devote far more not less time and attention to my diabetes. That, the poor customer service, the problems with accuracy, the inability to dual/square or get tight control all are making me think I’ll drop it. I do love not crashing though! Thanks for the loop of doom advice!

(Ryan) #48

It will hopefully get better! I was chatting with Medtronic almost every day a few months ago due to sensor failures (and the sensor shortage). Since I moved the sensors to my legs, things have improved. I think I have only had two tech support calls in the last month.