IVF - fertility issues

(ginny) #1

Anyone here do IVF?

I’m about to start my second round of meds (I didn’t respond to the first one) and was just interested in hearing from other diabetics that did IVF.

(Erin) #2

I know it’s kind of late but I did IVF June 2017 and finally had a positive embryo transfer in August 2018. We did a freeze all cycle. Been T1 since I was 8.

(ginny) #3

Unfortunately I had a failed second cycle. My blood sugars went crazy from this protocol of hormones. I was very anxious about the fasting before retrieval. The blastocysts didn’t make it to freeze. I’m 40, and curious about other’s ages that went through IVF. I just read 3 scientific papers that low AMH (what I have) may be another understudied long term complication of t1. Wish I knew that 2 years ago.