'JMIAH' Spokes Model for 'Track3' featured in New Issue of 'Men's Workout Magazine'

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Jeremy Williamson, aka 'JMIAH' who is the Spokes Model for the 'Track3' Diabetes Device was featured in the NEW Nov '09 Issue of  'Men's Workout Magazine' !   Jeremy is celebrating his '20th Anniversary' of living with Type1 Diabetes and has been published in several magazines ,  as well as TV Commercials, Fitness Model articles, and Diabetes sites.  He has quite an inspirational 'story' to share with others who are living with  Diabetes! JMIAH is also a member of 'Juvenation' and other Diabetes sites!   Go to:  www.track3DMD.com  or  JMIAH.com  to learn more about the 'Track3' Device and Jeremy!