Just an Update

(ryand89) #1

Just thought I would share with all of you that I have just passed my 13 months of living with Type 1. Overall A1C is now 5.8% down from 13.8% 13 months ago! Of course there are times when I wish I could just eat what I want when I want without having to take a shot. But overall I have a good outlook on things and seeing my numbers the way they are just makes me want to keep doing what I am doing. Because when I am feeling great, my numbers are great. And I try not to let one high number bring me down. Of course we all probably go through this. Everyday is a new day and everyday is not the same.

(karenchq) #2

That is more than just an update’ that is great news and a huge improvement in A1c. I am 1 year in on insulin and reduced A1c from 13.7 to 5.8. You bested me ;)!!! I wish you the best.


(ryand89) #3

Thank you. You as well! I am still learning everyday.

(joe) #4

@Ryand89, great to hear. more power to you.

(agate) #5

Wow – congratulations! Sounds like you’re doing great! I’m 63, and was diagnosed with T1D during freshman football in high school, age 14. I too am still learning every day. My last two A1C’s were 6.3, but I’m learning new skills by starting on pump therapy with a CGM sensor in the past couple months. Despite the challenges, it is all well worth the patience and effort that is part of the territory. To me at this stage, I feel like having T1D has been a part of self-improvement and affirmation of life – I feel fortunate to have been born when insulin therapy had been discovered, and now the technology is continuing to improve greatly. Great job for your great work!

(Qtross) #6

That is AMAZING! Congrats and keep up the great job!!! One year later I am still at 7.1 so definitely Kudos!