Juvenation ads

(Sugar-FreeInYYC) #1

I'm thinking of posting some ads for Juvenation.org at my endo's office (if they don't already have any) because I think there is a HUGE lack of Canadian members.

Any ideas where I could find some? Are there any print ads made up that I can get and post?

Let me know,


(A-D) #2



I don’t know any of the where and when information (yes, leave it to me to have all the details except the important ones) but I remember the fabulous and talented Gina talking about having just this sort of thing designed and at (or nearly at) the ready… 


I am glad you are asking because I forgot to and I want to do the very same thing!





(Somewhere on the Internet, I suspect I have a list of all the things I forgot… now if I could just FIND it…)

(Sugar-FreeInYYC) #3

Thanks A-D!

All we have to do now is hope/wait for Gina to read this post and give us some direction!

It's ok.. we are all a little forgetful, you just seem to outforget most of us! haha just teasing.


P.S very good work on the accent (é) I love when people spell my name correctly, although I don't push for it most of the time :) I am a happy and adaptable bilingual.

(Gina) #4

Working on it!

(Sugar-FreeInYYC) #5

Nothing for June 14th eh? That's when my walk is!!! =

(Gina) #6

I will try to have the flyer done before the 14th

(A-D) #7



Ha!  If I had one more brain cell....

*sigh* it’d be VERY lonely...


Gina’s always on it – never fear!