Keto Diet

(Rachel) #1

Hello everyone, My family is trying out the Keto diet and I would like to know if anyone else has done this diet. Thanks and please tell me about it if you have done this diet.

(joe) #2

@Racheltoner hi Rachel, so we all know what foods we have to bolus for, right? The ketones, Atkins, whatever, is a low carb diet which forces your body to convert fat into useable energy.

Ketones will be present whenever your body is converting fats to energy. This “keto”.

So this is a strategy to reduce insulin production in “normals” insulin is a growth hormone.

So if you eat low carb, on purpose, you’ll need less insulin. Your body will convert fat to energy and you will begin to lose fat and ultimately, lose weight. If you up your energy requirements such as by exercising, you’ll need less insulin as well.

I use low carb to lose weight and once, for 5 days , ate very low carb because I was traveling for business and I needed to make 100 units last 5 days because I forgot my insulin at home.

Low carb can make you cranky. Just saying.

Cheers good luck

(Ryan) #3

I would highly recommend speaking with a doctor about a keto diet. There could be potential benefits to your abilitiy to control. However, ketones and high blood sugar readings could lead to ketoacidosis if you have an infusion set issue with an insulin pump. For this reason, I try to be lower carb but high enough to avoid ketosis.

(CIA) #4

Hello…I have had Type 1 for 10 years this month. When I asked my doctor if I could do Keyo diet she emphatically said NO! Dangerous for anyone with Typ 1. Ketoacidousis can kill you and very quickly…I had it in 2011 and almost bought the farm. Four days in CCU AND DAMAGED MY LEFT EYE… ask your doctor first. Dealing with this disease is a Marathon not a Sprint and can be so frustrating…
I have had good success when I stay with Atkins guidelines but can’t use any of their prepared items anymore without raging BS. Eat fresh and be kind to yourself.