Ladies! T1D best pants with inner pockets!

(Helen) #1

Ok, so I’m new to insulin pumping and generally wear pants, who can give me the best referral for pants with inner pockets that will fit an insulin pump! Any kind of pants, preferably yoga type pants? Shorts?
Thanks. Been online but most pockets appear to be too small.

(Wen) #2

Athleta & Victorias Secret…I like the side pockets so I can do crunches without getting jabbed in the back, but they both have cute styles & good quality. If I give your email to Athleta as a referral, u will get 25% off your 1st order…let me know

(Lala Jackson) #3

Almost all Old Navy yoga pants have a pump-sized pocket at the hip - not directly at the side but slightly to the front or back. I swear by them!

(Helen) #4

Hey thanks, will check them out!!:grinning:

(Helen) #5

Will check them out thanks a bunch!:grin:

(Wen) #6

I’ll check too, they do have workout shorts with a side pocket, but was always afraid it might not fit a pump…I’ll order them…thanks. I live in south Florida, warm, always looking for shorts (yoga type, side pocket). Thanks again :wink:

(Kathryn M.) #7

Hi there!
This is going to make me sound very cheap hahaha but I bought some leggings at Walmart. They come in different colors, but have great pockets on the sides for my pump. I can put it on either side. They’re the Danskin brand so they’re a little better quality. Hope this helps!

(Gabriela) #8

Idk how helpful this will be. I always used to use pants pockets or just the side of the waistband when I was growing up, but for a wjhiiiiiile I have been keeping my pump in the side of my sports bra or whatever bra band, like at whichever side of my ribs if that makes sense. I know some women put it in between their boobs but I find that so much more awkward feeling. It stays pretty well there unless I’m dancing wildly (I’m a dancer)

(Helen) #9

Thanks for the info, I was under the impression that a pump sitting in a pocket was not the best for IDK, falling out?? Although leggings would be more snug pocket than regular pants. Will try them out! A good deal is a good deal no matter where you get them!! Thanks :grinning:

(Helen) #10

Under your arms??? Below ur boobs at the rib cage? Hmmm… When I get it, will try. Retrieving it might be interesting. Hey thanks, love all the ideas, this is so new for me. :+1:

(Gabriela) #11

haha yes I have found that pants pockets are more prone for the pump falling out and like dangling! In snugger jeans it stays for me most of the time in either front pocket…but yes I usually do like under the armpit wherever the strap is. I know it’s weird but since it’s more fitted to my side body it stays better and is less in the way than other locations…

(Dora) #12

My son uses a case. It’s like the ones for cell phones with a clip on the back. It’s really secure he sleeps with it clipped to his sleep shorts. Through PE at school. That might work better than a pocket. We never could find ones that the pump wouldn’t fall out of

(Helen) #13

Thanks Dora, sorry for the late late reply, am usi g shorts with the pump clip, have had no problems! :blush: