Let's Be Diabetic Friends

@cassin24 Of course, Cassidy! I would be delighted to be your diabetic friend. I think this website creates a lot of new friendships and it’s awesome! I swear I am still learning new things everyday and having those trial & error stages coping with diabetes.

Hey Hannah!!

I wrote you back on the other chain we have!! I am so glad to hear from you!!

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I have replied back to you!!

Hi Sydney! I completely understand how you feel, my friends do that all the time. Like if I’m high they’ll ask me “do you need to eat something?” And I’m like no, unless you want me to die. And they same thing when I’m low but they’ll ask do you need to take insulin. And I’m like no. It makes me so mad that none of my friends truly know what it’s like and how serious it actually is. They’re always saying they understand, when In all reality they can’t.

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I was wondering if there was anybody around my age?
1’m 14 going on to 15

Hi chloe. I am your age I am also 14 going on 15. Would you wanna talk sometime?

Hey! I’m Perla and I’m 13 years old and have had diabetes for 11 years, an I have still never met anyone my age with diabetes.

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It not usually my friends who say that but I completely understand. Usually, when I’m somewhere and there is an adult they will ask the same thing, a lot of people know what it is but not how to treat it. but what kind of annoys me is whenever I’m angry my family always asks if I’m low and it really annoys me because usually, I’m not.

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oh my gosh seriously that happens all the time! I hate it. But what bugs me the most about that, is when I’m annoyed nobody will ask me if it’s my diabetes they just assume it’s because of it. Do they also ask you if you have " the bad diabetes"? It’s like there is no “good diabetes” people who assume really bug me.

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I think we should talk sometime Perla.

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Kaylee @22khackwell, I hear you there. A relative visiting here - a long-term RN was talking about her friend who “just caught diabetes” and said to me, ’ but Dennis, she has the bad kind [lifestyle diabetes] and not the good kind like you have’. My reply, before walking away, was ‘yeah, I got the good one that was supposed to kill me in the 1950’s’.

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I get that question all the time, one time my friend answered for me and I just kind of looked at her because she said I had the bad type. I just responded with they are both bad so there is not really a good type and both have their bigger problems.


I know someone your age, you’re not alone.

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Hello @hanstan I was steered towards JDRF in search of finding a community of diabetics who understand what I go through. I have definitely found a sense of community. I recently started blogging about my diabetic journey at myathleticdiabetic.com. It feels very therapeutic to write my story out. I am always looking for diabetics to connect with as well. I have all the social media so we could connect there. Diabetes definitely takes a toll on my physical and mental state. But I try to stay positive and keep pushing forward.

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Seriously! I’m so glad there are some people who understand. And let’s be honest that was pretty funny. :joy:

Hello, how are you? I have Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat. I have actually created a diabetic group on Snap Chat where we not only come to each other for advice, but share our daily experiences with diabetes and the fun things that go on in our lives. If you’re interested in being added, don’t hesitate to message me! I find this forum quite informative and interesting to know that I will never be alone in finding a cure for diabetes. @diabetic_dj

I know some diabetics who are as young as 12. You are never alone! @PerlaPing

I’m with you going from 14 to 15

Hey, that’s awesome! When do you turn 15?

I turn 15 on October 3rd.