Looking for friends with T1D

(Annie) #21

I would be interested in the Snapchat group if at all available? I’m 15 and have had diabetes for 10 years

(Ali) #22

Hi, I’m Ali senior in high school! I think snapchat would be cool to have!

(Audrey) #23

Hi Kate! I’m Audrey:), I’m fifteen and was diagnosed at 7 and none of my friends have diabetes either. Are you on shots or a pump?

(Emma) #24

Hi Paige,
I am 16 and have had diabetes since I was 2. I HAVE THE SAME STRUGGLE. My parents get upset with my A1C when it is 8.0 even though that is fine and I know some people have theirs significantly higher. There is all this added pressure which people apply and stress upon you without even realizing they do so. It is ridiculous and I completely understand.

(Dennis J. Dacey, PWD) #25

Hi Emma @eshapiro, it certainly sounds as if you have it all together - you have what I think is the right attitude for managing your diabetes and the suggestions you share are wonderfully positive; yes, I’ve read all postings on here.
I won’t make a comment on your 8.0 Hba1c because that is principally a report of where you have been, now it is up to you to use that information and make it work FOR YOU. Keep up the good work; I wish when I was diagnosed on my 16th birthday [that was 60+ years ago] that I had your intelligence to understand my condition.

(Paige) #26

hey clara! sorry it took me so long to reply i havent been on here in awhile. How are you! you can add me on snapchat if you wanna talk there!! my snap is paigeecrowley :slight_smile:

(Kate) #27

Hey! I have a pump but I need to get a new one because tsnatarting to not work as well. Was looking into the omnipod because I like the idea of no tubes! The
Funny thing about sharing info on diabetes is my speech 1 class now knows I have diabetes because I decided to give a speech on it after the 100 joke about diabetes but they still don’t seem to get the concept down :joy:

(Emma) #28

Thank you @Dennis. There is one thing about diabetes that I would appreciate your advice on. When I am low (below 65), it drops really rapidly and it doesn’t matter what I have eaten or am taking to treat the low, my BG drops pretty low. Then in a few hours it rapidly increases, it’s not like I consumed enough sugar to increase my BG by 150 some. How do you treat your really LOW lows?

(Dennis J. Dacey, PWD) #29

You are very welcome Emma @eshapiro. What works for me may or not work well for you but I will happily share what I have found.

What I have found is that when my BG is either high [<270] or low [>70] my body appears to react differently to my calculated correction rates and my consumption of carbohydrates; it could be psychological because I’m looking for “instant” remediation. Specifically when my BG drops to between 45 and 65 mg/dl I will immediately drink between 2 to 4 ounces of OJ [6 gm. to 13 gm carb.] plus 5 saltines with PB [15 gm. carb.] without taking insulin and wait 45 to 90 minutes and recheck my BG; if my BG is still less than 100 mg/dl I eat more crackers with peanut butter and usually take about 50% of the insulin my pump wizzard recommends over a 30 minute period… Unlike in the past where I’d always “over treat” a low, I am now more patient and conservative.
For me, especially a “low” experienced in the evening after a substantial supper can often be attributed to activities in which I engaged several hours earlier and the results of the treatment method I outlined above might differ.
There is also an argument called “rebound”, often disputed, that may be causing your 150 mg/dl BG increase; you are still young and your pancreas may still be providing some of the functions for which it was designed. Specifically your pancreas may still be able to dispatch signals to your liver to release stored sugars which it does but your pancreatic beta cells no longer release insulin to complete the balancing act.