Looking for ID options for 9 year old boy

(Melanie) #1

My son was just diagnosed with T1D a few weeks ago and I need to find some form of ID necklace/bracelet/temp tattoo that I think he’ll like and be willing to wear. I was leaning towards a dog tag style necklace but I’m open to suggestions. Also, what information needs to be included on whatever I choose?


(Tyler) #2

Hi Melanie.

I have gone back and forth on bracelet to necklace. I had dog tag and then a more simple bracelet as I’ve got older— it’s 100% preference.

The things I had on the ID was
Type 1 diabetic
Known allergies if any
And an emergency contact

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(Melanie) #3

Ok thanks so much! I’ll check out your page.


(Phebe) #4

I got some bracelets and necklaces from Lauren’s hope and I absolutely love them!!! They have some cute bracelets and necklaces for younger kids as well.:blush: