Looking for people with type 1 to be featured in a documentary for T1D

(Jordan Cox) #21

Hi Mr. Ullrich,

Hope you had a great 4th of July! There is a possibility I will be in the Houston area for Labor Day weekend this fall visiting family, and I would love to meet with you then if you are in town at the time. I am not 100% just yet, but as soon as I know if my family is going I will let you know!!


Jordan Cox

(Jordan Cox) #22

Hi Willa! Hope you are doing well…I will be in the area most of the summer except for the beginning of August. When would you be available to meet?! I would love to meet you and have you be featured in my video!

(Tawnya) #23

@jordan_cox2 I would be more than happy to speak with you if you end up traveling to Houston! I’m 45 yo and have been T1d for 33 years. I live about an hour outside of Hou, but I wouldn’t mind driving up there to speak with you! Maybe we could set up a meeting with Mr Ulrich too, he sounds amazing and I’d love to meet him as well! Message me if you end up in my neck of the woods.

(Jordan Cox) #24

Hi Tawnya!!

That would be amazing! Once I know when I’ll be down there for sure I will let you and Mr. Ulrich know ASAP!! :))

Hopefully I will see you soon!

Jordan Cox

(Willa) #25

Hi! Yes, I am able to meet with you. I’ll be around for most of the rest of summer :slight_smile: My email address is willabe@verizon.net (if you would like to contact me directly.) Thank you! ~Willa

(Bill) #28


I must point out to other members of the forum that what you are proposing is not how things should be done. You have an obligation to protect participants’ rights and their privacy. I don’t see that you have done that.

I would encourage you to work with a school or other academics-affiliated adviser who has experience gathering data from “human subjects,” and who has experience in producing documentaries. Although this appears to be your “independent project,” make sure you are protecting the rights and privacy of participants. There are established mechanisms and procedures for doing that.

I believe there is also a need to develop a mechanism to hold this forum “harmless.” That must be built in to any release participants sign if they volunteer to participate as a result of encountering your project through this forum.

It is one thing to develop a “snapchat” or “instagram” group; there, users remain anonymous unless they choose to reveal their identities. It is a totally different thing to respond to an internet-based survey or to participate in a videotaping session.


(Leon) #29

Jordan, sorry my response to you is so delayed but have been to Iceland for two weeks, then had visitors from Denmark for 12 days, then our first Great Grandchild was just recently born - so have not had much time to read all of my messages. As far as I know, I will be home in Bellaire Texas (in the middle of Houston) on Labor Day. If you are available, I would be glad to visit with you if I can be of any help to you. I have been Type One for over 72 years, on a pump for over 20 years, and on a CGM since Medicare approved support for almost a year now. I have had no complications and also have a daughter who has been Type One for over 55 years also with no complications. She is on a Medtronic 670 pump. My cell is 713-876-1515. Leon Ullrich

(Tabatha) #30

I would love to contribute.
I am a Type 1 but was diagnosed in my mid 30’s. I have the Minimed 670g.