Lowest Low? Highest High?

(Angel34) #1

What is you lowest low ever? Highest high (other than dx)? Let's compare notes! I'll go first: 34 (boy, did I feel like crap) and 550 (again, felt like crap.) You guys?  

(Amanda XD) #2


HIGHEST - 730+

LOL i had a high when i first foud out I had diabetes.

I had such a high number that the hospital BG monitor couldn't tell my number and it just said "HIGH"

(dancetiludrop) #3

lowest: 10

highest: the meter just said hi so over 600 ish


(ajax) #4

lowest: 32, but i've been lower when I was without my meter.

highest: 328 - which is exactly 100 under my diagnosis bg.

(imax386) #5

Low: 21

High: 430ish

(figure skater girl) #6

low: 1.6(28)

high: the meter said high but something went wrong on that test and i had just gone swimming and wasnt able to wash my hands very welll. other than that it would have to be around 26(around 468)

(Anonymous) #7

lowest - 14

highest - 817

(Vered) #8

lowest- 37 and I barely felt low, I was walking and talking fine.

highest- 304 because I forgot to take my shot with breakfast

(2Sweet4U) #9


I was at pump training class at the hospital, so still on shots, and the class ran right thru when I usually ate dinner.


After pizza with an extended bolus, then a failed site :-&

(sarahslp) #10

lowest ... 32 on a meter, back when I used strips in elementary school (where you wiped off the blood and compared it to a color chart on the bottle that gave you a BS range) I was in the upper 20's at summer camp

highest ... back when I used strips and control wasn't what it is today, I was somewhere in between 400 and 500. How I was walking and talking, I have no idea!

(ezslider) #11


High-like 800 when i was first diagnosed.

(drew20) #12

lowest-29 which was scary cause i was just playing catch with my dad and i didnt even feel low


HIGH-well it said high on my meter so it was probably like 600+ prob around 700

(Brittany) #13

My lowest low was was 46 and my highest high was 449. Felt like crap for both of them. When I had the low I thought I was gonna die. The high I had a headache. My highest high was higher than it was when I was diagnosed.

(hawkxs) #14

Lowest: 27

Highest (besides diagnosis): 550


Diagnosis BG was 1255.

(mellannie) #15

the lowest ive been is 10.

the highest ive been is HI.

(Ruby Zuniga) #16

I was at 0, the doctors and nurses called me a miracle.  I Overheard their conversation while I was in the emergency room.  Highest 640, I was new to pumping, and did not take the recommended supplies like: extra infusion sets, reservoir, syringe.  

(bunucky_jonas_11) #17

my lowest was 46

my highest was 478 (i think.. i cant really remember)

(Sarah_0776) #18

Lowest: Meter said "BG is under 20mg/dL

Highest: 678

(JSweetapple) #19

Haha, couldn't tell you either way.  My meter says HI alot, at which point I say "hi" back. My meter has only ever read LO 3times none of which I can honestly remember, but apparently I acted like a complete lunatic, niiiiiiice...

(kdrake88) #20

low: 32 I think... within a few months of me being diagnosed and on a type 2 regimen instead of type one... ya my dr. was a lunatic and I gained 20 lbs. in 2 months...not fun...

high: I can't remember what my diagnosis sugar was...either 500 or 700 something...

How did u guys feel when you were in the 10's and 0's (!!!) ???

I feel more drastically low between the 70's and 80's rather than the low lows...