Major differences with minutes of blood sugar check

(Stacey) #1

I was worried that my sons CGM was off but when I did a finger poke it gave a # off by over 150. I retested got a number within 15. I retested again and got a number within 5 of my CGM. My spouses glucose monitor was off by 50. I have used controls and it says they are in range. I have made sure he washes his hands before taking a test. Has anyone had this happen or is my Glucose monitor accucheck just junk. We had this happen before and our physician threw it out and gave us a new one. I am glad his CGM is always been less than 5 off, but within 3 minutes period that much change is impossible.

(joe) #2

all home BG meters have a minimum accuracy of +/-15% over 75 mg/dl

even with a good control solution check, at a higher number like 200 would put his actual blood sugar between 170 to 230. That’s a 60 mg/dl spread in the actual blood sugar versus what you are reading on your meter.

looking at it the other way, if his actual blood sugar was 175, meter 1 could possibly give you a reading of 148. meter 2 could give you a reading of 201. and both would pass control solution. these tests could be run simultaneously as time is not a factor in this kind of test.

(Stacey) #3

It is sad. Whomever passed all these rules and regulations must have never suffered from diabetic and had to do all this FUN math to figure out insulin for food and correction factors. It is a bit overwhelming and keeps my mind ticking.

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #4

Keep in mind Stacey @staceybartleyandrade that what we have now - minimum accuracy standard for digital glucose meters of +/-15% in 15 seconds - is actually a big improvement in both time and accuracy. @Joe and I both remember when a “simple blood sugar test” took a couple of days before we got the results and then depended on the skills of a lab technician. Joe may be too young to remember, but in “the old days”, blood taken from a vein was dribbled over yeast and technicians watched [for a day or two] to see what grew and then made a guess. Yep, no such thing as a re-check within a matter of minutes.

Yes, these digital BG meters of recent years are a wonderful improvement and God-send for us even with the “permitted” inaccuracy of 15%. Keep in mind that the 15% or 15 mg/dl is the maximum variation. I suggest that we all review independent lab-test reports of all major-use BG meters and buy only the most accurate.

(Stacey) #5

Interesting information. I guess I have never taken all of that into consideration. I really appreciate your input.