Medtronic 670 Reviews

(Marcela) #21

Do you feel the CGM is as accurate as the Dexcom? I had the original Medtronic CGM and hated it but that was 4 years ago I am assuming it is much better now!

(Jadeen) #22

I know some people will disagree, but my Guardian is actually super accurate! I didn’t have very high hopes, especially after having a Dex, but this CGM is pretty spot on! As I mentioned before, I do calibrate 3-4 times a day so I think that helps!

(Marcela) #23

Thats good to hear! Thanks again for everything. I really appreciate it!

(Kenny) #24

Been on 670 for over a year and it works. My latest visit to the doctor I was told that he could not offer any advice because all numbers were off the charts good.

(Lisa) #25

I’ve been on it since July 1, and I changed my job at the same time. Not optimal! That being said, I got through the struggles, lost most of a couple night’s sleep along the way, but now it’s working great. No more wild ups and downs, much more even numbers. The temp basal for exercise is working out well, too. The Guardian sensors are very accurate and I love getting good night’s sleep night after night. I’m glad I stuck with it. I’m going to see my endocrinologist next Tuesday and I’m looking forward to my HgbA1C because I know it will have improved.

(Jennifer) #26

Hey Pallma012, I just went on the 670G 3 months ago. I was previously a animas and dexcom gal. I will say the auto mode on the 670G has worked great for me. But I will also say that the dexcom G5 worked better for me. It was usually only 10 to 20 points off and would be close to my true levels on a finger stick. I also liked the alerts when your sugar was rising at a certain rate and dropping at a certain rate. I will say that maybe theres a setting I’m missing to get these alerts. Positive thing about the medtronic cgm is they supply you with better tape to help secure the sensor. I use to have a ton of issues with the dexcom sensor staying taped to my skin. So there are positives and negatives on both. Also the 670G doesn’t have an app that works with the iPhone and apple watch which I miss! To see what level you are at with your sugar you have to wake your pump to look. If you could mix the dexcom sensor with the 670G pump that would be a dream!

(Jennifer) #27

Theres no app for your phone or watch.

(Kennyg) #28

I am on the 670 g pump for about 3 or 4 months now. It works differently than the other Pumps I had in the past from Medtronic. It’s been a bad year , I got the pump but it 3months to get the Guardian sensors , from Puerto Rico. I felt so sorry for the people there and all the destruction and lives it took. I was not informed ahead of time about Medicare not paying for the guardian sensor that I have to have. My endocrinologist told me. Opus issue gets resolved because who can afford to pay 1000.00 for the sensors a 90 day supply and they said that was a 40% discount . Any new updates, please for Medicare to start paying for them

(ksannie) #29

Dexcom have free transparent stickers that can be taped over the Dexcom and hold it very well. I had been using Skin Tack Wipes, but they were not strong enough, when sweating in summer, to keep the Dexcom stuck to my abdomen. Then I used GrifGrips, but the stickers provided by Dexcom have been the best.

Also, the Dexcom G6 needs no finger sticks to calibrate. So no more test strips if you use the Tandem Tslim with the G6. My Dexcom G5 has been so good that my A1C’s have been below 6.0 for over a year. I will be getting the G6 when Medicare gives us the go ahead to switch. That saves money and time and you can rely on the readings from the start, which is 2 hours after applying the sensor. And the sensor lasts 10 days.

(ammaley) #30

I’ve been on the 670G for alittle over a year. The good thing is it will annoy the crap out of me if I’m going low. So I’m having fewer extreme lows. The bad part is that the CGM with this pump really needs some fine tuning. I think I’m finger sticking MORE than before I had this. Have have several sensor failures and when you do have a problem a rep walks you through a set of obscure tricks to get it to work again. I think they should have fixed these problems before releasing this on the market. I really wouldn’t have called it a hybrid closed loop system, because it’s not. It’s a step in the right direction, but not there yet. I’ve had a Medtronic 530G, 630G and now 670G. I also had a Deltec Coszmo, as my first pump (they’ve been discontinued). I’ve been the most unhappy with the 670G. You’re smart to get lots of feedback before making a decision. I wish you the very best! Happy pumping :slight_smile:

(Marcela) #31

Hi Everyone!

I just completed training for the 670G + Sensor. It is a LOT different than what I am used to. I am excited though to see how it all plays out. So far I am having a hard time getting used to the sensor. When there is “signal loss” how long does it usually take to come back? Or is there a way to reconnect? Also last night it kept vibrating that I was in an urgent low state but when I check my BG it was 117. do you guys feel the sensor is as accurate as the dexcom or it just has its moments where it is off? One last thing do you have to enter your BG every time you bolus? It does not autofill from the sensor?

Thanks so much guys! Cant wait to see how this pump is!

(Ryan) #32

Depending on cause, signal loss should come back quickly. If you want to reconnect, you can go to Options\Utilities\Sensor Settings and turn the sensor off, then go to sensor connections and choose reconnect sensor.

I see two types of inaccuracies, and both can be dealt with. If your numbers are off only on the first day or so, try inserting your next sensor 8-36 hours before your current one expires and covering it with a bandaid or tape.

If your numbers are off all week, the first step is to make sure you are calibrating only 2-3 times a day when your BG is level. If that doesn’t work, consider a different sensor site, like thigh or upper arm.

(Kathy) #33

I think what people are saying is this pump works very well for some. For some it works okay and some it really doesn’t work well at all. It all really depends on whether the sensors work well with your body chemistry. If they do, auto can do a good job. If the sensors don’t, you pay in time and frustrations.

If you choose the Medtronic pump there are a few things I would do. First get a sample of the tape and see if you are allergic to the adhesive. Many of us are and you need to find a replacement tape solution before you start trying to get the sensors and auto mode working for you.

Second, see if you can get an extended period to return the system if it doesn’t work for you. I think the standard is 30 days. You really need about 90 days to get through the training and learning periods before you really know if this system is for you.

Third - do not let them send the pump and then a few months later send the sensors. This is what happened to me. Had all of it come together, I would have sent the whole thing back after trying it but the return period had passed. It has not been a good experience for me.

Fourthly - you have to be very, very patient. This systems is more than just a nagging parent, it is a nagging parent crossed with a colicky baby with a little bit of the Nellie Olsen character from Little House on the Prairie (for those of us old enough to remember the TV series) - pretty on the outside but a real witch on the inside.

Fifth - make sure your trainer explains all the common gotchas and how to deal with the - the looping problem where auto continually asks for BGs is the big one. Others include how sensor behavior when dealing with a bleeder, how often to calibrate and if you should calibrate (the BG/ISIG between 3.3 - 8 or the BG is +/- 35% of the SG) why you should not go to manual mode to do corrections and then back into auto (this one will really mess up the background basal rate)

Please remember, I’m one of the people who have not had a good experience with this system and continue to struggle (3 months on a replacement pump, 5 months on the original). Many people have had incredibly good experiences and absolutely love this system. I’m actually pretty jealous of them

(Bryce) #34

This is my largest complaint.

  • There is no notification priority level; Going dangerously low and being alerted that you need to calibrate in 2 hours sound/feel (the pump vibrates) exactly the same.
  • There is no concept of automatic non-emergency alert silencing, as in I can’t tell it don’t alert me about calibration during the hours of 10pm and 6am.
  • There is no smart function to alert for calibration at any reasonable time, only 2 hours before hands. Good luck if you need to calibrate at 2am, because it will vibrate, then beep a ton at 2am and every hour after that which absolutely destroys sleep.
  • If you have High blood sugar and you are one to get frustrated because of the imbalance, good luck stopping yourself from attaching this thing to whatever you have that makes the biggest bang and blowing it up. It’s alerts telling you you are high make me want to destroy it with a sledgehammer.
  • If you get alerted that you are above your high threshold, and you don’t clear the notification, and your blood sugar is dropping, the pump keeps alerting you, EVEN THOUGH YOUR BLOOD SUGAR IS NOW OKAY.
  • Lastly getting “kicked” out of auto mode I think is the worst. Getting kicked out of auto mode for being high to too long brings up, I kid you not, 4 notifications back to back, where the whole pumps UI locks up for anywhere from 5-20 seconds between each notification, so make sure you have up to a minute to sit there and have the pump vibrate and beep while you can’t do jack between mashing that center button and the down button to clear the notifications.

Now with that griping, I still like it better than the 630G. It keeps me far more under control, Auto mode is pretty great, Medtronic just doesn’t understand User Interfaces or User Experience, like at all. They must have consulted with people to ensure it was maybe the worst thing possible.

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #35

I’m jus curious Byrce @arrowstash, did you actually review and study the 670G before you purchased?
Several of your “complaints” are included in the user guide.

(Marcela) #36

Here are a few of my take aways thus far: (It has been one week since using 670)

  • I am calibrating way more than every 12 hours. I always try to calibrate before bed to last me through the night and get woken up by the annoying beeping telling me to calibrate at 3AM
  • Some of the numbers are off but it never by too much
  • I get notified when my BG hits 70 but then I dont get notified again for a while after it actually drops low (I think this is in the settings though)
  • I get signal loss quite a bit. I think this is if my pump is too far away from my sensor but it is in my pants pocket majority of the time

I keep reminding myself that this is going to take time getting used to and there is a learning curve for everything. I dont love or hate this thing yet but will keep you guys updated. Thanks for all the feedback

(mikefarley) #37

I, too, am disappointed in Medtronic, lack of Medicare coverage for their CGM, etc. I’m going to try Tandem/Dexcom when I’m eligible for a replacement.

(loisgd) #38


I am interested in how long it took to learn your body? My minimed goes out of warrenty next month and my insurance will give me much better deal on Medtronic vs the TSlim Basal IQ. I have had multiple issues with the Enlite CGM and it was very very frustrating, so I’m a little concerned about using the 670.

Help please.

(Bryce) #39


No, I didn’t, I was pushed very hard by my Endo (Kaiser) to upgrade to the 670. Most of the notification issues I have with the 670 I also have with the 630, there are just more reasons to notify a user.

Since I have had it, my numbers are much better controlled, however I feel that the way it was designed is not lacking user-friendliness, but almost actively looking for the worst way to do things. I still like it because of how effective it is in controlling diabetes, I just wish it was actually intuitive to use.

Sorry for not responding in any kind of timely manner, the forums never notified me that you replied, I didn’t know I had to check the box to get those emails :slight_smile:

(Marcela) #40

I have a love hate with this new pump. I am not a huge fan of the sensor. I miss my dexcom!