Medtronic 670 Reviews

(Helen) #41

I have been on a pump for almost 20 years, and have been with Medtronic the whole time, using a CGM for 16 of those years. The 630G is my current pump and I think it is the parting of ways for myself and Medtronic.
I have enjoyed excellent accuracy with previous CGMs, but this new Enlite sensor is surprisingly inaccurate and shockingly poor. The worst situation I have had so far was a faulty infusion set that was not delivering insulin. The CBG said I was 6.2, but I was 27.4. That’s significant and dangerous. The thought of a pump delivering boluses based on unaccurate readings is frightening. I now test 6 to 8 times a day even with the CGM in- I just don’t trust it and meter readings consistently show that I am justified. It’s simply unpredictable.
The pump interface, as others have said, is incredibly user unfriendly. I have never had so many annoying useless alarms, which rarely tell me anything of value. There is no way I will trust the 670G.
Tech support informed me that for optimum sensor accuracy one should turn off ‘autocalibrate’ for the sensor. However this means that most times you will have to scroll through two extra screens just to be able to calibrate the sensor. this makes no sense. It also annoys me that I have this huge pump-I use less than 100 units in three days but am forced to use a partly fille 300unit cartridge and have this huge heavy beast on my belt always.
Sorry Medtronic, this relationship is ending.

(Chrismery) #42

I definitely agree with this! I was on it for 2 weeks and could not handle all of the alarms, I loved seeing my numbers but it got to be a lot for me

(Dennis J. Dacey, PwD) #43

Thank you Helen @Bikegirl for your reporting.
I too have only used MiniMed / Medtronic pumps and anticipate replacing my out-of-warranty pump soon. Currently I’m strongly considering the Tandem t-Slim x2 with Basal IQ when combined with DexCom G6 sensors. Six months ago I began using the G5 sensors that are very accurate.

(Marcela) #44

I agree with all the alarms! They are constantly waking me up multiple times a night. I also have a lot of issues with the sensor and telling me “calibration not accepted” when I just used my glucose meter to check my BG. Then “change sensor” because it did not accept that it was wrong. I have had to have Medtronic send me at least 2 new sensors a week because of no connection or something not working.

(Kirsten) #45

I call mine The Baby. Baby wants a blood sugar at 3;00 in the morning, then Baby doesn’t like that blood sugar and wants another 10 minutes later. I too want to throw mine out a window!


i said a similar thing to the Customer rep last week.
if I wanted to be woken up, several times, in the middle of the night, I would have had another baby. This thing is supposed to help us take better care of ourselves, not another thing we have to “take care of”