Medtronic 670G Auto-mode and carb-ratios

(Nadia) #21

I could probably do a Kalman filter by hand, but I can’t test myself every 5 minutes. What a headache. I’ll have to wait for insurance to cover replacing it to switch to Dexcom.

(Tracy) #22

My 17-year old son is new to the 670 and automode. He loves the pump but can’t stand the sensors. He finally took the sensor out and is back to manual mode. He says he can feel the sensors because of the adhesive tape that’s required and it’s just uncomfortable. He misses his dexcom.

(Guy) #23

Hi Tracy,

I am also using the 670g pump but had to switch to the Dexcom 5 for my sensors because Medicare only pays for the Dexcom 5 sensors. While I did not have any problems with the Guardian 3 sensors, I had very mixed experiences with the MT auto mode feature and now actually prefer the Dexcom 5 system which includes a really cool and simple receiver.

(Sal) #24

It would appear that people here have skipped the personal training offered by Medtronic. Auto mode requires a certain discipline, and if you don’t abide by its rules then you are not a candidate for it.

The first rule of bolusing in auto mode is that you are supposed to wait 15 minutes between bolusing and eating. It shuts off your basal insulin during this time because having both is redundant. Once your glucose starts moving in one direction or another, auto-mode will then make a decision whether to turn your basal back on keep it suspended.

The second rule is that you must know your insulin to carb ratio. Guessing it won’t fare well with auto mode.

If something has gone very wrong, such as a high BG due to a bad infusion site, you will need to exit auto mode, fix the problem, then go back into auto mode. If at any time it feels like something is not right it will kick you out of auto mode.

Overall, I find that auto mode works wonders for preventing lows. Basal insulin plays a much bigger role in our lows than we think.

(Kenny) #25

Been on 670 for almost a year it takes time for it to learn how each individual reacts mine experience continues to improve