Medtronic 670G Auto-mode "BG Required"

(Jess) #1

Medtronic’s 670G auto-mode system often prompts me to enter a blood glucose value, even when the sensor is reporting a value, and it doesn’t require calibration. This seems pretty ridiculous that I have to manual enter a BG value, or retest, because auto-mode can’t just grab the value from the sensor which is already being displayed on the pump! Anytime auto-mode is stopped, you have to manually re-enter the BG value (or retest) before the pump will go back into auto-mode. While not a major problem, I find this really annoying.

(ksannie) #2

I heard at my last Type 1 meeting that the new Dexcom 6 will not even need calibrations. So you might want your next pump to be one paired with the Dexcom 6 instead. (This is not for sale yet.)

(Dennis J. Dacey, PWD) #3

@ksannie you heard that correctly, no calibration, and it and the Tandem t-Slim pump are designed to work together with the auto-suspend features. There are other features too with the intention of being a “closed loop” system.
The new Omnipod [I don’t know if it is yet available] is being designed to link with the G6.